Jubilant Davis Parties in Bayonne

BAYONNE- Being a “lifelong” resident is something you hear a lot in this city.

And today many of those lifelong residents and voters opted to stay the course.

Jimmy Davis was re-elected mayor for a third time besting Sharon Ashe Nadrowski, the council president.

At the Chandelier catering hall on Broadway, the crowd pushed to and around the stage as the re-elected mayor and his team spoke.

Davis thanked his workers and spoke of a hard campaign.

“We’ve been to hell and back,” he said of the ordeal.

Now it’s over – or is it?

“And for the next four years, we will go to hell and back for you,” Davis said.

But that’s for tomorrow.

“Let’s enjoy the night -and let’s party,” he implored a crowd that needed no imploring.

Things were different about 30 blocks south in this typically Hudson County congested city.

There are times when the outcome is easy to deduce even when no one is talking. And so it was shortly after the polls closed when Team Sharon gathered at an Italian restaurant also on Broadway. Those counting the votes were sequestered in an upstairs room.

Verbally, people were upbeat but a somber mood and lack of excitement aptly told the tale.

“I expected to win,” Davis said back at his victory party.

Perhaps but the “tote board” showed a close race at least in terms of avoiding a runoff.

Davis had 51 percent, just enough to make a runoff unnecessary.

Continuing as he hugged supporters, the mayor said, “The city sent a clear message. They wanted to keep moving forward.”

And he said he will start doing that tomorrow morning.

As mentioned, tonight was party time with a live band that played both the Ramones and The Beach Boys. How’s that for variety?

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