Keady to Bob Smith and Other Senators: ‘You Should be Ashamed’


Jim Keady, Democratic congressional candidate in the 4th District, approached the dais following George Norcross’ testimony and criticized the Democrats, most of whom refused to ask follow-up questions.

“You should be ashamed. You should be ashamed as Democrats,” Keady told the group of elected officials moments after Norcross headed for the exit.

The tavern-keeper appeared to linger near state Senator Declan O’Scanlon (R-13), the only member of the select panel to ask multiple follow-up questions.

“I’m a Democrat,” added Keady scornfully.

Smith prepared to hear from the next testifier as a crowd trailed Norcross out of the hearing room.

“Did George know he had so many fans?” Smith asked his fellow senators in the ensuing hubbub.

InsiderNJ called Keady after he left the hearing room. He explained that he was indeed thanking O’Scanlon, and that although the two of them have their philosophical and policy differences and disagreements, at least the Republican from Little Silver attempted to make germane and pointed inquiries of Norcross.

“I appreciated that he offered a line of critical questioning, that we should have also heard from others,” Keady said.

Of his fellow Democrats on the select committee, Keady added, “They failed the people of New Jersey. This was an unrivaled opportunity at cross-examination.”

And they did not choose to exercise it.

“I was furious,” said Keady. “Having served on the council in Asbury Park during the precursors to the EDA legislation, there are plenty of questions that should have been asked. For example, with regard to the applications filed by these companies; I would have gotten into the gritty details of whether they were meeting the specifications of grants gotten. I would’ve gotten everything on the record. The only person who attempted that line of question was Senator O’Scanlon.

“As a Democrat I am infuriated and disappointed over the fact that the outsized influence of George Norcross could have been put on trial today – and it wasn’t,” the congressional candidate added.

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