Kelly Defeats Onyema in the West

Dupre “DoItAll” Kelly has defeated Chigozie Onyema in Newark’s West Ward.

The pair faced off in arguably the most watched race among those runoff contests today.

It was also the race that contained the key to power citywide.

Kelly’s victory gives Mayor Ras Baraka a 5-4 edge on the city council.

The mayor campaigned avidly for Kelly, a former rap star and international sensation with the Lords of the Underground.

Onyema ran a very strong race against the machine.

In the end, it was not enough.

Promising to use Hip hop to inspire his fellow Newarkers to become civically engaged, an animated Kelly last July formally kicked off his campaign for the West Ward Council seat at a well-attended event. Appearing on Sanford Avenue near where he grew up, the rapper and media mogul said,  “I will utilize my years in the entertainment business to expand our arts and culture.”

Kelly said he wants to succeed disgraced West Ward Councilman Joseph McCallum.

He will.

His announcement – attended by an affirming Mayor Baraka – placed Kelly squarely in the May 2022 contest against Chigozie U. Onyema, a Newark-based attorney, and former South Ward Councilman Oscar James II.

He was the favorite, on the strength of the mayor’s support, and his own granular, West Ward-centric story.

In the end, it took a runoff, but he did it.

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7 responses to “Kelly Defeats Onyema in the West”

  1. The time is going to come sooner than later, for the governors race in 2025.. the time is now for Newarkers united behind the choice of who’s gonna be @ strong candidate or Ramos will slide right in to be the next mayor of Newark… Since the rumor mill says the good money is on Ras for governor in 2025 race!! Shavir Jefferies time to get the old gang back together again!

  2. Okay you Won know we the people are going to give you a Minute to get it together I’m not asking you to Do it All just Do Something about the Crime in poverty in the West Ward

  3. I am so proud of you!!!!! You always had that strong will power! Congratulations!!! You deserve it!!!! And you’re doing something positive for us!🤗

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