Lampitt, Others, Want to Know Why Braz Didn’t Condition-Red Alvarez


In their questioning of Justin Braz, lawmakers tried to figure out why the Murphy World inner circle player didn’t do more to help alleged sexual assault victim Katie Brennan, his friend since 2014, who entrusted him with key information about her case.

Assemblywoman Pam Lampitt (D-6) wanted to know why he didn’t press the matter, once Brennan told him that Alvarez had sexually assaulted her.

“In November you knew he [Alvarez] was going to be part of the transition team; you knew he was going to land in the administration,” Lampitt pointed out to Braz in her cross-examination.

But once he shared the initial intel about Brennan's case (without saying who the victim was, per her instructions) with key Murphy Transition Team players, he didn’t follow up, Lampitt ascertained.

He didn’t elevate the matter.

“Why not?” the South Jersey Assemblywoman wanted to know. “Would you not feel this is some serious [issue]?”

Braz said Brennan had not instructed him to pursue it further. He shared it what she wanted him to share, and left it at that.

For her part, Assemblywoman Betty Lou DeCroce (R-26) pressed him on whether or not anyone else in Murphy World knew – or had an inkling – about what allegedly befell Brennan.

“All these members on the transition team, nobody knew?”

“Assemblywoman, not to my knowledge,” Braz said.



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