LaPlaca: ‘We Always Knew the Race would Come Down to GOTV’


No one quite knows what will happen in LD8, a battleground district where Democrat Gina LaPlaca -running alongside fellow attorney Mark Natale – wants to box out incumbent Assemblyman Ryan Peters (R-8).

“Mark and I just et back from a rally in Philly with sheetmetal workers,” said LaPlaca, who expects Building Trades bodies on Election Day, even as New Jersey Education Association (NJEA) soldiers are saddled up with Peters and his running mate, retired Sheriff Jean Stanfield.

What will make the difference in tomorrow’s outcome, InsiderNJ asked LaPlaca.

“Hard work should win the day,” she said.  “I just had my Curt Schilling moment. I finally canvassed my way to a bloody sock. People seeing our work ethic.”

LaPlaca’s particular talent has been doors.

Natale likes phones.

“I think people know with us that the work doesn’t stop tomorrow; it starts tomorrow,” said the Democrat.”

She campaigned with U.S. Rep. Donald Norcross (D-1) on Saturday, younger brother of the party power broker whose political network funds the PAC intent on dethroning Peters.

“I came into this thinking I’m pretty seasoned after 15 years in Trenton,” she said. “What I’ve learned is that when people are losing their grip on power, there’s nothing they won’t say or do. I expect better of the people who lead us. Mark and I are constituents of Assemblyman Peters. If Ryan were doing a good job I wouldn’t be running.”

Throughout the campaign, LaPlaca has criticized her opponent for not attaching his name to more legislation positively impacting the district, and with contenting himself to merely sit in the minority of a Democratic-controlled legislature.

Tomorrow, that changes, she insisted.

“We always knew, we knew from the time we started, that this race was going to come down to GOTV,” LaPlaca added. “We are very energized and excited.”

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