LD 40 Flashpoint: Corrado Strafes DiGaetano as a Retread, and DiGaetano Makes Case for Being Ready on Day One

In the developing air war in LD40 where Republican rivals seek traction to gain a vacant senate seat, the campaign of Passaic County Clerk Kristin Corrado wants to brand the Paul DiGaetano team as a trio of opportunistic retreads. But DiGaetano hinted at Corrado’s neophyte status as the leader of a “concocted ticket.”

The Bergen County GOP Chairman, DiGaetano served in the assembly from 1986-1987 and from 1992-2005. Now he wants the senate seat occupied by the retiring state Senator Kevin O’Toole (R-40), a longtime rival who backs Corrado as his replacement.

“During his 15 plus years in  Trenton, DiGaetano voted for billions of dollars in borrowing and pork barrel,” the Corrado mail piece states. The piece also slaps the senate candidate and running mate, former Senator Norm Robertson, for voting to give themselves raises while in the legislature.

DiGaetano dismissed the attack.

“Yes, I did vote to raise the pay from $35,000 to $49,000,” the senate candidate told InsiderNJ.  “I also recorded 52 votes to reduce taxes, including a reduction of the sales tax from seven to six percent, as part of the undoing of the Florio tax increases.”

DiGaetano said he and Robertson can get to work on day one if voters send them to Trenton.

“There is no learning curve for us,” he said. “The difference between these tickets is they have been together for over a year. That was a ticket concocted immediately out of the retirement announcement by the sitting senator. So far, they’ve been great at the gamesmanship with their ballot challenges, but they’re tearing Republicans apart while our ticket is about building Republican Party organizations.”

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