LD26 Flashpoint: ‘The Insiders’ Club’


Back in March, Morris County Republicans endorsed Christian Barranco for state Assembly in LD26, casting aside incumbent BettyLou DeCroce.

This was a big deal for two reasons.

One was that it was the first time local Republicans made a formal primary endorsement. The other was that an incumbent was overlooked.

The goal behind adopting a “line” was to avoid fractious primaries. But that’s precisely what we have in a district covering eastern Morris and parts of Essex and Passaic counties.

Four candidates are seeking the party’s two nominations – Barrano, DeCroce, incumbent Jay Webber and Tom Mastrangelo. Webber was the other candidate endorsed by Morris Republicans.

DeCroce just a few days ago got the endorsement of Morris County Sheriff James Gannon, who is popular among party members.

And he let it be known that he wasn’t going to be dissuaded by the convention vote.

“I stand by my friends and BettyLou is a friend,” the sheriff said in a release. “More than that though, she is a fierce advocate for Morris County families, retirees and business owners.”

Gannon also praised her for knocking on doors, stuffing envelopes and raising money for local candidates.

In other Morris County Republican news, here’s an interesting tidbit for you.

The county organization is launching what seems like a “party within a party.”

This would be an “Insiders Club.”

It only costs 25 bucks to join. And for that, relatively speaking, small sum, those signing up will get to know “what is going on in Morris County politics before anyone else.”  And the advertisement on the county organization’s Facebook page promises a “few secrets.”

Advance knowledge! Secret information!  Has the CIA come to Morris County?

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