Leaders Pledge Support to Murphy at D.C. Labor Meeting

The following labor leaders this afternoon pledged their continuing support to Governor Phil Murphy at a meeting in Washington, D.C.:

Marie Blistan, President, NJEA

Sean Spiller, Vice President, NJEA
Princess Moss,  Secretary-Treasurer, NEA
Hetty Rosenstein, District 1 State Director, CWA
George Kohl, Senior Director, CWA National 
Ronald McCalla, Asst Division Director, 1199 SEIU
Milly Silva, Vice President, 1199 SEIU
Mary Kay Henry, National President, SEIU 
Kevin Brown, Vice President, SEIU 32BJ
Maria Peralta, National Political Director ,SEIU 
Lenace Edwards, NJ Political Director, SEIU 32BJ 
Ryan Williamson, NE Regional Director, AFT
Donna Chiera, NJ State President, AFT
Randi Weingarten, National President, AFT
Steve Kreisberg, Director of Research and Collective Bargaining, AFSCME 
Lee Saunders, National President,  AFSCME 
Steve Tully, NJ Executive Director, AFSCME 
Ray Greaves, NJ State Business Agent and Chair, ATU
John Costa, International VIce President, ATU
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  • 1Prop

    Murphy must be in trouble if he’s doing election-style events to show support. Why wouldn’t the unions support him? He gives them everything they want – with our money.

  • Richard Graham

    Follow-The-Money if you can. Those so-called labor unions seem to be acting more like extreme Far-Left political action committees than true old fashioned labor unions for-the-members. It’s time for President Trump to mandate a Forensic Audit on each and every public sector union to review the last five years worth of accounting practices they’ve used.

    • Reason

      It’s called the USDOL and they are audited every year.

      • Richard Graham

        Their annual audits are not forensic audits that review the actual accounting process used, as that’s what really needs to be looked at within many public sector unions/PACs.

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