Lesniak Jabs at Murphy: He ‘has Absolutely No Record’

NEW BRUNSWICK – State Senator Ray Lesniak (D-20) presented himself as a guy with a proven record, who’s both business-friendly and pro-environment.

In his address and Q and A with NAIOP this morning, Lesniak of Elizabeth – 39 years in the Legislature – at one point told the crowd to laughs, “This is not going to help me with the Democratic establishment. But they’re not supporting me anyway.”

Asked to distinguish himself from the pack of other Democrats, the senator said, “The so-called leading candidate has absolutely no record. He’s in this race to win. I’m in this race to make a difference. I haven’t been retired and sitting on my wealth. I’ve been fighting for the state of New Jersey.

“Experience counts,” he added.

Like fellow long-shot gubernatorial contender John Wisniewski, who spoke before him, Lesniak – as a contrast point to Murphy – not only burnished his government experience as a virtue, but slapped at former Goldman Sachs Governor Jon Corzine. He recalled recommending Hudson warhorse Bill O’Dea to the Corzine administration for a government position.

They said, “I don’t want anyone with any institutional ties. Put someone in government without any government experience. That’s what separates me from Phil.”

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  • Bertin Lefkovic

    Ray has had nearly 40 years to make a difference and all he has to show for it is a fat wallet and the Congressional seat in CD7 that he punted away in 2000, because Maryanne Connelly had the temerity to beat his handpicked candidate, Mike Lapolla.

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