Lessons Learned: Shutdown-Era Bills Introduced


Amid the budget impasse and government shutdown – the first in over ten years – several legislators introduced shutdown-era bills:

Assemblyman John Wisniewski introduced two bills aimed at the Christie-beach controversy: A5131, which would require the state-owned ocean house located in Island Beach State Park to be offered for rent to general public; and A5132, which would prohibits use of certain State residential property by Governor during state of emergency due to failure to enact annual appropriations law.

Minority Leader Jon Bramnick introduced A5127, a bill that would impose a daily fine of $250 upon each member of the Legislature during state of emergency due to failure to enact the annual appropriations law.  If Bramnick’s bill was law during this shutdown (Saturday through Monday) each legislator would have had to pay $750 each for a grand total of $90,000 – though the available description doesn’t specify whether the fine can be pro-rated for half days should a budget be passed, say, mid-afternoon.

Assemblyman John McKeon introduced A5128, which would require State parks, forests, and other natural and historic areas to remain open to public for seven days if emergency is declared due to failure to enact general appropriation law as prescribed by the state constitution.

Senator Whelan and Assemblyman Mazzeo introduced S3421/A5126, which would remove the seven-day limitation for continued operation of casinos and racetracks in event that a state of emergency is declared. 

The full text of the bills are not available yet.  


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