A Letter to Linden Mayor Derek Armstead

Greetings Candidate Armstead:
Your response was nothing more than rhetoric. It seems you employ the same old routine at election time, play the victim and people feel sorry for you or shout it repeatedly and people believe you. Not this time. People are watching what you do and checking the facts for themselves.
I am well aware of the election of four years ago  as are you and the fact that you only won by 140 votes.
The tone of your email as well as you recent distribution of slanderous literature and behavior approaching children as they play outside regarding this election tell me one thing. You are worried.  You are worried that those 140 people  plus 1 will vote for me this time.
The public forum was requested in April shortly after the third candidate announced her campaign  and then you stated you had another event which was paid for and were unable to attend and you never responded to a request for dates in May.
In the last four years, I as well as others have watched you misuse city resources, deceive both business owners and residents with your half truths and omissions.  I, on the other hand, have brought a youth fishing club, cancer awareness, wellness awareness and speed humps to the city in the past four years. A spoiler, I am not. I am a contender a formidable one!  The people of Linden want change.  They want a leader they can trust and one who has a record of getting things done.  Being Mayor is about more than posing for photos and putting your name on public notices it is about accountable, proven leadership.
I have and will always give any idea that would be benefical to the city careful and thorough consideration.  The only initiative I recall was a special improvement tax on businesses on St Georges Ave and the city counsel advised against it and it was never voted on.
Let me remind you that it was my motion that hired your choice for business administrator however, it was likely your asymmetric information and lack of professionalism that caused the young man to decline the position.
As the mayor, I would not only hire a business administrator to work with the department heads; I will establish a public safety commission, broker sound redevelopment projects that generate tax income and create employment opportunities.
Please be a more responsible campaigner.
Democratically Yours
Rhashonna C. Cosby
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