Libertarian Senate Hopeful Murray Sabrin and the ‘Sanctity of the Individual’: The InsiderNJ Interview (with VIDEO)

FORT LEE – In Libertarian Murray Sabrin’s best of all possible political worlds this year, he wins the U.S. Senate seat. If Republicans have 49 and the Democrats 50, and he caucuses with the Republicans, Vice President would be the tiebreaking vote.

He looked out the window of his and his wife’s apartment overlooking the Hudson River.

“If that happened, [U.S. Senator Chuck] Schumer would come flying across the George Washington Bridge,” said Sabrin.

President Donald J. Trump would invite him to Trump Tower, intent on keeping him with the GOP, he mused.

“I would be in the catbird seat,” he grinned.

Of course, the Ramapo College finance and banking professor knows it’s a longshot.

But he does see some trend lines in his favor, starting with outsiders like Trump and U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT) “doing well in their respective parties.”

“As an outsider, what am I doing? I’m running as a Libertarian,” said Sabrin said. “We think we have a shot to make history. I’m someone who would be independent and work to streamline government.”

The son of a Polish partisan who fought the Nazis in WWII and brought his family to the Bronx, where the future statewide candidate grew up and met his wife Florence, Sabrin believes the two major parties merely assert the war-mongering priorities of crony capitalism. His father, his Jewish faith, and American ideals, taught him the primacy of the individual.

“My favorite president?” he said. “Grover Cleveland. He was the last Jeffersonian Democrat.”

He was also a native New Jerseyan.

Running this year against incumbent U.S. Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ) and Republican Bob Hugin, Sabrin dismisses both major party candidates as bail-out friendly believers in the welfare state and cronyism. Hugin, Sabrin noted, backed Menendez as late as 2012. As for Trump, “He has good instincts, but no coherent philosophy,” said the U.S. Senate candidate “The more I read about negotiations with Mexico, for example, the unhappier I am with it, because it’s a form of mercantilism.

“My philosophy is built on nonaggression,” Sabrin said, decrying what he sees as Menendez’s sanctions-heavy foreign policy record. “Taxation is aggressive, because it’s not a voluntary exchange. Libertarianism wants a free society, which is based on free exchanges.”

He denounces Menendez as too hawkish for his tastes, and InsiderNJ pointed out that the Senator voted against the Iraq War resolution.

“He voted against the Iraq resolution because it was Bush’s war,” Sabrin said. “It’s all based on partisanship. He believes in economic sanctions, including sanctions against Cuba, which would be like  me supporting a white out against Israel. He’s basically a neoconservative belligerent pro-war senator. With the passing of John McCain he may partner with Lindsay Graham.”

Painstakingly anti-war, Sabrin said it’s possible that one could make the case that the only just war America was ever involved in was the American Revolution. Once a Democrat (the last one he backed for president was Hubert Humphrey in 1968) and at one time a Republican (he ran unsuccessfully for the GOP nomination for senate in 2008 and bailed from the ranks after the party bailed on him in 2014 in favor of Brian Goldberg; Sabrin maintains Chris Christie’s allies feared the ascension of a Rand Paul supporter in his backyard as Christie prepared to undertake a 2016 presidential run), he feels most at home where he is now, with Libertarianism.

It’s not only what he sees as the best expression of the Founding Fathers’ ideals, but a consistent secular extension of his faith.

“The essence of Judaism is the sanctity of the individual,” Sabrin said, holding in his hands (pictured below) a book written by his late father about his fight for survival against the Nazis.




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    Wait……what? There’s a Libertarian candidate running for Senate? Who knew?

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