Linden Flashpoint: Armstead Condemns Missive to Terminate Voting in Schools


Linden Mayor Derek Armstead said he prevailed on Linden Superintendent Danny Robertozzi to – at least for now – reverse his decision to terminate Election Day voting in public schools.

“Linden voters have voted at polling locations at our public schools for generations,” said Armstead, who told InsiderNJ that he had a copy of a letter Robertozzi wrote, which prompted him to go on offense.

“Now, in 2018, [the superintendent] said, I’m told without voter approval, has cited safety as an issue that demands terminating resident voting in our public schools.

“This is voter suppression disguised as a school safety issue,” the mayor added.

The superintendent has since told Armstead that they have temporarily suspended the matter and he intends to bring it up at a September board meeting, the mayor told InsiderNJ.

voter suppression in Linden NJ
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