LWV Debate Shows Sign of Life in LD25


A “cancelled’ League of Women Voters debate among LD-25 candidates may get new life – time permitting.

Recall that the debate, which would have been co-sponsored by the Morristown, Mountain Lakes, West Morris and Warren Leagues, was proposed for earlier this month.

But Republican state Sen. Anthony M. Bucco said he wouldn’t do it.

Soon thereafter, the party’s Assembly candidates, incumbents Aura Dunn and Brian Bergen, backed out, citing scheduling problems.

That prompted the expected indignant response from the district’s three Democrats – Senate candidate Jeff Grayzel and Assembly candidates Patricia Veres and Lauren Barnett.

The League also dispatched a statement defending its traditional role of staging non-partisan debates and imploring the Republicans to reconsider.

Maybe they are.

Bucco said Monday night that the debate may be on again, assuming a date can be found. With election day three weeks away, that can be problematic.

The senator said the league has agreed to identify him as an incumbent if a debate does take place.

This had been a sticking point. Bucco said he was dismayed that when he debated last year, he was told his name-plate could not identify him as a senator.

League policy has been to identify candidates the way they appear on the ballot.

A League spokesperson said this afternoon that nothing is definite about a debate that may actually happen after all.

Guess we will have to wait, but, obviously, not for very long.

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