Madd World: Referencing Alvarez Meeting, South Jersey Senator Slaps Away at Cammarano

The same South Jersey districts that opposed marijuana legalization in 2019 also voted no to marriage equality legislation in 2010. Only 1 of 8 South Jersey senators voted yes the first time they had the chance to approve gay marriage and only 2 out of 8 South Jersey Senators are ready to vote to legalize marijuana in 2019.

As he rode Murphy Chief of Staff Peter Cammarano at today’s Select Committee on Investigations hearing, state Senator Fred Madden (D-4) said he found it mind-boggling that Al Alvarez stayed on at the Schools Development Authority three months after a meeting with Cammarano.

At the Cammarano-Alvarez March 2018 meeting following the chief acquiring knowledge of sexual assault-rape allegations made by Katie Brennan against Alvarez, Cammarano told Alvarez that he had to separate from government.

But then he never followed up on that meeting.

“Three months later, he’s still there. That’s just amazing,” Madden told Cammarano.

“You’re responsible for day to day operations [in the Governor’s Office],” the senator added. “Is that whole-heartedly true?”

“Absolutely,” insisted Cammarano.

“There are times when I wonder if I should have just fired Al Alvarez and run the risk of firing someone on the basis of an allegation,” he added.

“You have someone sitting in front of you and you couldn’t just say ‘Your services are no longer needed?'” Madden asked.

“I never had a situation like this, senator,” Cammarano said.


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