Menendez, Booker, And Bhalla Rally In Hoboken

Along the Hudson River in Sinatra Park, Senator Menendez joined Mayor Ravi Bhalla and Senator Booker, along with other local officials, to rally the troops ahead of Tuesday’s election.

There were around 250 people there, including Hoboken-based Freeholder Stick Romano and HCDO Chair Amy DeGise.

Most of the council members were there too – despite the fractures and factions, including disagreements with Mayor Bhalla, they were all in agreement today on Menendez.

Booker introduced Menendez, calling him his ‘mentor’.

Menendez fired up the crowed, giving an impassioned version of his stump speech.

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  1. Menendez is first US Senator in 50 years to be tried for corruption. Menendez’s buddy Dr. Salomon Melgen was convicted of 67 crimes and is now in jail for 17 years…. Smells very dishonest to me.

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