Menendez Comes out Swinging Against Trump and Hugin (with VIDEO)

JERSEY CITY – Reflecting on the results of last week’s Democratic Primary, U.S. Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ) kept the focus on Republican Primary winner Bob Hugin and President Donald J. Trump.

Menendez noted how he received 92,000 more votes than Hugin, a former Celgene CEO who spent $5 million in the contest to this point, money begotten on the backs of cancer patients, Menendez said.

“While he was raising the price of cancer drugs here in our country he was lowering them in Russia,” the senator said.

The Hugin Campaign responded with a statement.

“This is more of the same Bob Menendez trying to distract attention away from why he lost nearly 40% of the Democrat primary vote and was defeated in six of the state’s 21 counties last week against an unknown, unfunded candidate,” said Hugin Communications Director Megan Piwowar. “Let’s be clear on who the real villain is in this story. While Bob Hugin was focused on extending patients lives, Senator Menendez was taking $1 million in illegal gifts and abusing his Senate office to help Dr. Melgen, who stole millions scamming Medicare and performing ‘horrific’ procedures on patients.”

For his part, Menendez laid into Trump, too, as the President tangles with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and refuses to defend key provision of the Affordable Care Act, which Menendez supports.

“This is a president who reserves the back of his hand for some of our strongest allies and offers incredible support for some of our strongest adversaries,” Menendez said. “To suggest that Canada is a national security threat is absurd, to ultimately challenge our European allies, an alliance that is the bedrock of creating western democracy, is pretty amazing.” And to suggest that Russia should rejoin those western allies is reprehensible, Menendez said, noting Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine.

Menendez wished the President well in his discussions with North Korean leader Kim Jung In, but expressed heavy reservations.

“He has not invested in the kind of preparation that is necessary to test the will of the North Koreans,” the senator said. “This is a high wire act without a safety net. I am concerned that an opportunity has been given to Kim Jung Un – an international pariah –  to be seen as an equal of the President of the United States. In that sense, he has already received what he wants.”

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