Morris Machine Mayhem, and an Embarrassment for Kean


Six hours plus of debate, politicking and just plain fun and no CD-11 endorsement.

That’s the bottom line for Morris County Republicans. Their Friday night convention began at 6 p.m. and when the remaining members were dismissed it was past midnight.


Larry Casha and Tayfun Selen, the two top vote getters, were ready for a runoff but wait – there were two problems.

One was mechanical – the voting machines apparently were not functioning properly.


The other was human – many committee members went home, making a quorum uncertain. As an aside I never understand why people leave if they may have to vote again. They are  the “insiders.” If nothing else, don’t they want to stick around and see who wins?

No matter, the runoff was postponed until next week presumably.

There also will be a runoff for the CD-7 endorsement between Tom Kean and John Isemann.

It’s fascinating that Kean did not win outright but the Morris portion of CD-7 is not all that large.

Three incumbent Morris County freeholders appear well on their way to victory in what has been a particularly nasty 2019 election.

But in “real” news overshadowed a bit by the congressional voting problems, the committee did not endorse sitting commissioner Tom Mastrangelo for another term.

Those endorsed were incumbent Doug Cabana, former freeholder Christine Myers and Sarah Neibart.

Mastrangelo of late  has been embroiled  in a continuing battle with the board over voting machines.

There’s some irony for you.

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