The Most Critical Moment in Tonight’s Presidential Debate

Jersey native Dana Bash at the debate tonight pressed former President Donald J. Trump on a critical point when she asked him if he would accept the results of the coming presidential election and oppose political violence.

Trump, of course, did not accept the results of the 2020 election, and, in fact, on Jan. 6th, 2021, told a crowd of his supporters, “If you don’t fight like hell, you’re not going to have a country anymore,” moments before those people marched to the U.S. Capitol, stormed the building, and attempted to prevent United States Vice President Mike Pence from certifying Joe Biden’s victory over Trump. Pepper sprayed during the attack, Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick – a New Jersey native – suffered a pair of strokes the next day and died.

Before security hastened him out of the Capitol, under siege by a mob, Pence certified the results of the 2020 election, prompting Trump to tweet the following: “Mike Pence didn’t have the courage to do what should have been done to protect our Country and our Constitution, giving States a chance to certify a corrected set of facts, not the fraudulent or inaccurate ones which they were asked to previously certify. USA demands the truth!”

It was just one more in a series of hate-filled, seditionary, and inciteful comments on a horrible day for the country as Americans watched the desecration of the United States Capitol by the followers of a spoiled and immature man who could not accept a loss and facilitate, as this country’s most powerful officeholder, a peaceful transfer of power.

Trump now faces felony charges related to his action and inaction on that fateful day.

He will not stand trial on those charges, however, before the Nov. 5th election, as his allies try to run out the clock and enable this man to regain the presidency. The immediate political outcome will require the voice of the people of this country – those who believe in America and in the wise exercise of American executive power – to once again peacefully reject Trump and enable the proper administration of legal justice.

Unsurprisingly, the Republican candidate for president tonight gave an incoherent and misleading answer to Bash’s question and follow-up. He claimed to have made “one of the strongest statements you’ve ever seen” in his repudiation of the Proud Boys on the day in question. It wasn’t. Not even close. Here’s a strong statement, made by InsiderNJ on Jan. 6th. We stand by it, and we stand by our belief that we must reject this man who – at a critical moment – abandoned our country and contributed to even putting his own vice president – and many others – at risk.

We will never forget the sacrifice of Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick.

Tonight, because the primary voting members of the Republican Party cannot repudiate Trump, and the so-called leaders of the GOP fail to take a stand, we had to listen to him whine about the statements he made via twitter on Jan. 6th.

In the most significant moment of the debate, in our judgement, Biden responded strongly. “You’re a whiner,” said the president. “When you lost the first time, not one single court said any of your claims had any merit, yet you continued to proclaim this lie.” Of the coming election results, “I doubt you’ll accept it because you’re a whiner.”

Well said. Accurate. And urgently important.

One of the great things about America, is we don’t whine. Certainly, when you look at the forward trajectory of the country’s history, the whiny voices don’t dominate. I remember asking a tough New Jersey political operative whose candidate appeared to be heading for a loss if she would go work for the winning side after the election. “No,” she said. “I don’t want to work for a whiner.” As it turned out, her campaign – and her candidate – didn’t lose. The voters evidently didn’t want a whiner, either.

If someone in politics whines, we vote that person out of office. And if someone who whines tries to get back into office ahead of a trial for sedition and his dangerous and unprecedented abuse of power in trying to reverse the results of an election, we head him off at the pass. That’s America.

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16 responses to “The Most Critical Moment in Tonight’s Presidential Debate”

  1. Max Pizarro is a “useful idiot” propagandist. Obviously he didn’t watch the debate, but saw snippets of it. I and millions of us saw the entire debate. When Dana Bash asked Trump if he would accept results of the coming presidential election, Trump did, indeed, say he would accept the results–so long as they were fair and valid.

    Pizarro leaves out the main fact that Congresscritter Nancy Pelosi admitted last week that it was her own sole fault for not requesting the National Guard for security; after Trump offered to send 10,000 NG troops–3 times.

    It has become apparent that the vote count by Mike Pence, counting each state’s individual vote for the Presidency under the 12th Amendment was cancelled because of the CIA & FBI’s incited faux riot in order to install Biden. The truth has come out. Biden was installed (thanks to the now debunked 51 intelligence agency signatures on the letter saying that Hunter Biden’s lap top was disinformation; but said laptop was used as evidence in the recent criminal trials against Hunter Biden). It is now a fact that Trump was going to win the Presidency since Pence, invoking the 12th Amendment, was counting each state’s vote for President, and Trump was leading 12-0 when the riot started. Trump only needed 26 states to vote in his favor to win the Presidency, even though 29 states were Republican.

    As far as Trump facing felony charges for Jan. 6th, it isn’t going to happen. The special counsel, Jack Smith, has been uncovered as a fraud and was never approved or appointed by Congress as required. Jack Smith tampered with and manipulated evidence, as he admitted to the Court in sworn affidavits. Jack Smith violated numerous attorney ethics provisions and is facing down court anger for it. As for the Georgia case, that is a major debacle since the Fulton County prosecutor, Fani Willis, tampered with the case and got caught; along with visiting the White House several times to bring the false charges against Trump and his associates. The NY civil and criminal cases were all fraudulently brought and will be overturned on appeal. This is what is known as attorney barratry for bring false and frivolous cases to incite discord in the community. Trump will prevail because he has RIGHT on his side.

    Biden called Trump a “whiner”. Trump didn’t take the bait. That’s because Biden showed the incompetent, mentally and physically compromised person he is. Biden couldn’t string 2 sentences together without stumbling, bumbling and mumbling his way through them. The entire American electorate finally got to see who the real Joe Biden is last night. And, Americans are all saying they’re going to vote for Trump. We are all laughing at you Leftist, Marxist, Democrats that continue to call Trump a felon. We all know that the entire NY judiciary is a fraud that brought contrived charges that the populace still doesn’t know what they are. And, the NYC DA’s office brought in the NO. 3 man in the DOJ to prosecute a lowly local district attorney’s case in NYC. Why would anyone in their right mind, go from NO. 3 in the DOJ to a low-hanging minion in the NY DA’s office????? These are real questions that discerning people want to know the answers to.

  2. Incited by a whining Trump, your pals desecrated the U.S. Capitol – maybe you were there yourself, you’re an anonymous coward, so who knows. That assault on Jan. 6, 2021 resulted in the death of a Capitol Police Officer from my home state while your candidate moans like a baby about his troubles and you support him because your version of America facilitates a wimp who values himself over first responders. – Max Pizarro.

  3. Well said Mr. Jefferson.

    It’s not surprising that InsiderNJ Op-Ed pieces will give praise to Biden for an inspirational debate victory. The entire field of writers and the ownership are liberal democrats.

    The liberal InsiderNJ pundants will be gushing over Joe Biden forever.

    Nothing like impartial, factual reporting right?

  4. I apologize if my asset was overly rude, Mr. Pizarro. He is enthusiastic in his job as a disinformation specialist and licker of boots, as you can see, but rambles even too much for me sometimes. The so-called third president of United State is an excellent troll for us in the Kremlin, but since we were knocked out of SWIFT, it has been harder for me to pay him on time. Luckily, he trusts me so much he is willing to work for free. Sucker born every minute. Na Zdorovie, Tovarisch!

  5. THANK YOU insidernj! VERY WELL SAID! Not only a whiner, but totally out of touch with the people who are slavishly drooling at his events. His supporters are almost comical! Thank goodness so many young people are smart and idealistic and can see through the nonsense… DJT respects NO ONE – not you, not anyone at all. No one. Not even himself… you can tell by the fakeness of his entire being. Self respecting people are authentic – trust authenticity!

  6. Well, if you are happy with the Biden presidency and the state of the country and the world, then by all means vote for Biden again (or whoever his replacement may be).

    Just remember who you votes for after a few years, then ask your self if you are better off. Ask yourself if you agree with Biden policies.

    Be honest with yourself when the time comes.

  7. Many of the young people are smart and can see through the nonsense of both candidates. One candidate whose supporters, as you say, are savagely drooling and the other candidate that just does all the drooling on his own. There are other candidates that appeal to the youth vote, the minority vote, the middle class vote. If politics was not such a dirty business and the haters would get out of their turd burglar bubbles, they would see what the youth sees. RFK JR. , better known as “Junior” is a breath of fresh air and opposes all the stupid divisive comments. Our world is on fire and all you talk about is who is the best drooler.
    Watch : The real debate on YouTube. So far 10 million views and growing. Perhaps it will give you a different perspective, or you can just continue on with emotional outbursts that will surely make you start drooling , after you get tired of spitting.

  8. I just can’t get past the 34 felony convictions and what the prison sentence may be? Oh sure anyone could get caught up in repeated serial sexual peccadilloes, and yeah Donald Trump owes EJ Carol $88 million bucks, and we’ll that $450 judgement against him? Now the classified docs matter? Well you decide right? The cadet heel Spurs draft dodging scandal pales with the passage of time to the known Epstein associate to the Russia if you’re listening in kind campaign revelations?

  9. We all must hope & pray we never have to go to trial in corrupt NJ or NY. Even top legal opinions cannot understand some of the charges being leveled at Trump.

    You can call him “convicted” all you want, but the reality of the facts are such that the proceedings in NYC will be overturned at the appellate levels.

    As for the rest of the indictments, the Georgia Fani Willis case is dying. Too much corruption and nepotism exposed there.

    Jack Smith and the two Federal cases are falling apart. The Mar-a-Lago documents case is dead due to Smith tampering with evidence and manipulating evidence; plus the fact he was not properly appointed to be “Special Counsel”.

    As for the other Federal case, Smith is failing on that one also. All of the cases have been pushed out past the election, so none of them are even valid any more.

    As for the case of E.J. Carol, this will be appealed and overturned as well. She will not see any monies.

    As for the January 6th protests, the facts reveal that Trump offered Nancy Pelosi Nation Guard units as a precaution. Pelosi denied this assistance.

    InsiderNJ can stand by their fictional facts and beliefs all they want, but please do not call yourselves reporters.

    As for Police Officer Brian Sicknick, he was not murder in the protests. While still sad, the record will reflect that he died the next evening at around 9:30 p.m. on January 7, 2021. Earlier that day, he had two strokes. The strokes were due to a basilar artery blood clot, which caused damage to his brainstem and cerebellum.

    It is truly sad that InsiderNJ will not report facts. As my “pal” Max Pizarro states, they will stand by their opinion. That’s fine as long as it’s presented as opinions and not facts.

    If you don’t like Trump so be it. Vote for Biden (or whoever his replacement is). That is the choice.

    If you do vote Biden then I hope you will be satisfied with the results of a second Biden term.

  10. After the debate, young voters (18-29) are saying Biden cannot lead this country, many will shift their party affiliations and either vote for Trump, or not vote at all. They are concerned about stopping the wars in Ukraine & Israel. They aren’t happy about Democrats talking about reinstituting the draft–for women.

    So, anyone who thinks young voters will come out to vote for Biden, are sadly mistaken. A large number said they’ll stay home because Biden is no longer a viable candidate.

    As for Max Pizarro’s inane comments that somehow I value myself over 1st responders, he’s absolutely correct. His comments speak volumes about his Marxist way of life. Real Americans value themselves over first responders, because we’re the only ones that can take care of ourselves. Marxists believe that the government can take care of us. That’s “pie-in-the-sky” panacea.

    The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled numerous times that the Police/State owe NO DUTY to protect its citizens. That’s why NJ needs to dump ALL gun control laws and allow residents to carry concealed. Gun control laws DO NOT WORK!!!! This is especially true if the state is not going to prosecute criminals and illegal aliens (criminals). Remember, seconds count when the police (1st responders) are minutes away. The average police response time to violent gun crime is 11 minutes nationwide. All the first responders can do is clean up the blood & guts, and write reports, after the gun violence.

  11. The youth will not sit out this time. They do not want to go to war and you are absolutely right , the Democrats are talking about reconstituting the draft for women. “ My body my choice will not work in that circumstance, you will go to war along with the men.
    The youth are not going to vote for a Commander and Chief that has lost his facilities and they could give two hoots about the skeletons in your closet. Show me one politician that is Mr. Clean. We gave Clinton a big pass and Hillary stood by her man. Kennedy ate a dog, not really it was a goat but he has admitted to his shortcoming and Biden didn’t really say, “if you don’t vote for me you ain’t black.” Well, yes he did. The youth will vote!

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