Muller Resigns as ED of DAAC

Amid the Prieto-Coughlin war, Michael Muller today announced his resignation as executive director of the Democratic Assembly Campaign Committee.

It was a 15-year run, which came to an end after speaker Vincent prieto assumed control of the check-writing powers at DAAC.

“My entire staff has joined me in officially transitioning fully to the NJ Senate Democratic Majority,” Muller said. “Our mission is unchanged, to elect Democrats to the state legislature and continue to run an exceptional legislative campaign operation. The remarkable success we have achieved for Democrats in the State Assembly is a point of great pride:

– Longest continual Democratic majority in NJ history
– Most Democratic seats held in 40 years
– Most Democratic gains in the nation of any chamber in the past decade
– No more than 1 incumbent defeated in any election cycle
– First mid-term gain for party of governor in 50 years (2003)
– First opposing party majority of elected gov in 24 years (2009, 2013)

“This decision is difficult, but guarantees that we can turn the page and focus on our job of electing Democrats, which has always been job one,” Muller added.
His full letter of resignation can be viewed by clicking below:
Prieto spokesman Phil Swibinski issued a statement in response.
“As Chairman of the Democratic Assembly Campaign Committee, Speaker Prieto simply requested basic information and transparency about staffing and expenses so that he could review them and ensure that they met his expectations for the committee’s activities. Unfortunately, this information was not provided to the Speaker and a meeting that had been scheduled yesterday to discuss these issues was canceled. Speaker Prieto accepts Mr. Muller’s decision to resign and plans to move forward with his goal of helping elect Democrats throughout the state who will join his fight for progressive values by utilizing DACC and any other means at his disposal to support their candidacies.”
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