Murphy Assails McConnell over COVID-19 Stimulus Bill

Phil Murphy

Citing the worst crisis in the state’s history in New Jersey’s 244-year history alonside the Civl War and the Great Depression, Governor Phil Murphy this afternoon bewailed the latest stimulus package proposed by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

At his 98th COVID-19 briefing, Murphy said the McConnell proposal lacks significant direct support for New Jersey – and other suffering states, for that matter.

“This is a slap in the face of any governor… who has shouldered the responsibility of this pandemic,” said

Norcross, Sweeney and Christie.

the New Jersey governor. “What New Jersey has gotten back is a drop n the bucket compared to our needs.”

Murphy noted in particular New Jersey’s one billion gap in school aid as a consequence of the pandemic.

“Senator McConnell has never had to balance a budget – never,” the governor said.

Murphy also took a question about former Governor Chris Christie‘s comment that he isn’t doing enough for small businesses. “The EDA [Economic Development Authority] was a piggybank for special interests under his leadership, at the expense of small businesses. Give me a break.”

According to CNN:

The details of the final proposal remain a work in progress, with White House negotiations and Republicans shuffling back and forth to meetings throughout the day in an effort to coalesce around a unified overall plan in the range of $1 trillion.
McConnell added that Republicans want additional direct payments “to help American families keep driving our national comeback” and “helping to create more American jobs is an urgent moral priority.”
Republicans have fought internally on the hill over the details of the stimulus package. From NBC:

Beset by internal divisions and clashes with the Trump administration, Senate Republicans downplayed the prospects Tuesday of enacting new coronavirus relief before key programs like boosted unemployment payments expire.

Republicans continue to negotiate among themselves but broadly oppose an extension beyond this week of the $600 weekly federal jobless benefit that millions of Americans are collecting. Complicating Republican talks is the White House, which is trying to cut funding for COVID-19 testing and demanding a payroll tax cut that many in the president’s party oppose.

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