Murphy Condemns Guadagno in the Aftermath of Walker RGA Fundraiser


In response to an article by InsiderNJ, Democratic nominee for governor Phil Murphy slammed Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno for hobnobbing in Monmouth County with Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, chairman of the Republican Governors Association (RGA).

“For almost eight years, Chris Christie and Kim Guadagno have gutted the middle class, ruined our economy, and attacked the fundamental right of collective bargaining. It is therefore wholly unsurprising that the Lieutenant Governor attended a fundraiser hosted by the one governor in the country giving Chris Christie a run for his money in all those departments: Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker,” Murphy zapped.
“Governor Walker is an extreme right-wing politician who made his career attacking middle and working class families in order to benefit corporations and the very rich,” the Democrat added. Between serving alongside Chris Christie and attending a fundraiser hosted by Governor Walker, Kim Guadagno has made it very clear as to the type of governor she would be. From attacking essential union protections to choosing corporations and the wealthy over working families, Governor Walker, Governor Christie, and Lieutenant Governor Guadagno are perfect together.”
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  • Paterson Pulse Paterson Pulse

    There is no middle class in places like Paterson, so maybe he should start by helping to create one before he starts bashing it. For 20 years the Democrats have gutting poor cities to fill their pockets, so how is he on the Lt. Governors case, when she has been all over promoting businesses growth, instead of taxing the people who work hard to get to the top? Just saying.

    • Jim Granelli


  • Jim Granelli

    Phil has no tax plan and he is swimming upstream pulling at straws trying to hide his HUGE tax increase plans and refuses to say if he will keep the 2% tax cap WHICH PROTECTS the middle class. . Even one of his own Democrat activists took a swipe at him: Even they know
    Murphy’s won’t make New Jersey more affordable. His
    only plan is to raise taxes on ALL New Jerseyans! #allinwithkim

  • jeff s

    Of course she’s hobnobbing with Walker, a walking, talking subsidiary of the far right Koch brothers.

  • Rick Williams

    The one thing Phil could do to keep the rate of Property Tax increases low he refuses to do, which is endorse an extension of the Interest Arbitration Law. Because he’s in the pocket of the Public Sector Labor Unions he is bending over backwards for them to stick it to local taxpayers. He is going to cause Income taxes, Property Taxes, Sales Taxes, Death Taxes and Gas Taxes to increase at a level never seen. The only winners, beside the unions, will be the moving companies who will be helping current residents head north, south and west.

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