Murphy Conducts Informal Presidential Straw Poll At North Brunswick Town Hall

Phil Murphy

Governor Murphy kicked off his town hall in New Brunswick tonight with an informal straw poll of the audience as to who they support for President this year.  He asked for a show of hands, but the audience applauded and clapped in response.

He first suggested incumbent President Trump – or any other GOP candidate.  The suggestion elicited cheers and jeers.

‘Easy, easy, easy, we’re not going to get into a fistfight here’, Murphy said.

He listed the Democratic candidates.

Bernie Sanders received a hefty amount of applause, as did Elizabeth Warren, who seemingly received the biggest round of applause – or at least the loudest.

Pete Buttigieg and Joe Biden received moderate applause.

Amy Klobuchar had – perhaps – one supporter. ‘Was that a hand, or just a clap?’, asked Murphy.

Mike Bloomberg – who’s tied in New Jersey with Sanders according to the latest FDU poll – appeared to be a nonstarter to the crowd – at the mention of his name, a groan ensured.

‘Easy now!’, laughed the Governor.

‘Tom Steyer, is he still running?’

Murphy proceeded to ask the crowd if their choice is still up in the air.

A ‘good chunk’ haven’t decided yet.

‘May the best person win’, said the Governor in closing, as he launched into his town hall.


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