Murphy Resists CNN Invitation to Slap Trump over Covid-19 Crisis Response

Judge Mary Jacobson dismissed a lawsuit against Governor Phil Murphy’s task force on NJEDA tax incentives, which was brought by South NJ power broker George Norcross III. The suit alleged that Murphy established the task force to specifically target Norcross.

CNN Situation Room host Wolf Blitzer this evening asked Governor Phil Murphy to react to President Donald J. Trump grading his response to the coronavirus a 10 out of 10.

“I’d rate it a ten,” Trump told reporters, referring to his own abilities. “I think we’ve done a great job.”

Prodded by Blitzer for a reaction, “That’s above my pay grade,” said Murphy.

The Democratic Governor acknowledged he would have liked to have seen a stronger, faster combat start to take on the virus, but refused to take a shot at the Republican President in the thick of the crisis.

“We play the hand from here,” said Murphy, who earlier today told reporters he had communicated with the White House this morning.

Announcing 80 new cases in the state (including an infected five-year old) after a weekend when many New Jerseyans shrugged off warnings about interacting with one another, Murphy earlier today stepped up Covid-19 crisis footing in New Jersey.

“For those who do not need to be out please, please please just stay home,” Murphy urged.

“We need everyone frankly to stay home,” added the governor, who insisted the paramount objective is to flatten the virus.

The state’s efforts since Friday have failed to slow the spread of the virus, as New Jersey at this moment has 178 confirmed cases of Covid-19  – up from 98 just yesterday.

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