Murphy Steps up Security

New Jersey’s density and diversity means people are just about always stepping in the other guy’s shoes.
That was how Phil Murphy put it Thursday afternoon in talking about how tensions emanating from Hamas’ terrorist attack in Israel can possibly filter down to New Jersey.

Noting that the state has large Jewish and Palestinian communities, the governor said both groups have “historically lived side by side in peace.”

But just in case, the governor said the state has stepped up security at schools, day care centers and Jewish houses of worship. Still, he said there have been no specific threats.

“And I hope it stays that way,” he said.

Murphy did point out that anti-Semitism has been increasing in the state and nation. Left unsaid was the likelihood it may rise even higher now that Israel is involved in a war with Hamas.

The governor also said there is a possibility of the state chartering planes to help evacuate New Jersey residents who may be in Israel. But he said it looks like the U.S. State Department may do that itself.

Murphy, like many political leaders, has strongly condemned last Saturday’s attack, pointing out that flags across the state are at half mast in respect for Israelis who were killed.

Governors do not make foreign policy, but that didn’t stop the governor from offering an observation.
He said of Hamas, “They need to be eliminated … literally eliminated.”‘

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3 responses to “Murphy Steps up Security”

  1. How many New Jerseyans will be killed, maimed or injured if there’s a terrorist attack; since the Governor and Democrats have disarmed law-abiding citizens of their right to keep and bear arms for self-defense and right to conceal carry for self-defense. Terrorists and criminals (and government criminals) don’t have to abide by the gun control/confiscation laws in New Jersey. Only law-abiding citizens do. I guess New Jerseyans aren’t capable of their own self-defense.

    Remember this: When seconds count to save your life (and you aren’t allowed to have a firearm for your self-defense), the police are only minutes away!!!!!

  2. Very true. NJ liberal policies have ruined NJ. His gun grab is just one example of the efforts to take peoples rights away.

    Further, Biden’s open borders and Murphy’s sanctuary state policy has probably resulted in a high number of terrorists lerking in the US and in New Jersey.

    When will NJ voters wake up and vote these liberal do nothing politicians out. Unfortunately, never.

    Murphy is a decietful politician and a failed leader.

  3. It’s sad that many liberal Americans don’t understand how their “liberal” leaders are supporting one of the most right wing administrations that the world has ever seen, which if it continues the way it is going (and all signs indicate it will), then we will be using our tax money to carry out genocide. Many Israelis, and even the Red Cross believes Israel is going too far. Please read news outside of the US for a more balanced perspective

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