NBC: Menendez Says He’s Under Investigation Again

New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez on Wednesday acknowledged the existence of an ongoing federal investigation against him, more than four years after the government dropped a different corruption case, according to NBC News.

From that report:

Two people familiar with the matter tell NBC News that Menendez is under criminal investigation by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Manhattan. Semafor first reported the early Wednesday, saying the government was investigating the senator in a probe along the same lines as the last case but involving different people. The news site also reported that prosecutors have already issued at least one subpoena in the probe.

“Senator Menendez is aware of an investigation that was reported on today, however he does not know the scope of the investigation. As always, should any official inquiries be made, the Senator is available to provide any assistance that is requested of him or his office,” Menendez advisor Michael Soliman said in a statement, according to the NBC News report.

“In 2015, a federal grand jury indicted Menendez on bribery, conspiracy and fraud charges, alleging that he had accepted gifts from a Florida doctor, Salomon Melgen, in exchange for using his office to benefit that doctor’s interests.

“His 2017 trial ended in a hung jury, and in early 2018 the government opted not to retry him after a judge threw out some of the counts in the indictment. (One of the jurors later told reporters that 10 of the 12 jurors wanted to acquit the senator on all the counts against him.)”

From the original story on Semafor:

“The two people familiar with the investigation, one who is directly connected to the investigation and the other a New Jersey lawyer who has been told of the case, said that the broad outlines of the new inquiry are similar to the 2017 case. Both said that the new investigation involves an entirely different group of people, however.”


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3 responses to “NBC: Menendez Says He’s Under Investigation Again”

  1. If Menendez is still being investigated for bribery, conspiracy and fraud for the past 4 years, even after the gov’t dropped its case against him in 2017, then there’s something to the story. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Menendez MUST resign under this constant spectre of ongoing investigations against him (even from Democrat-controlled U.S. Southern District of New York U.S. District Attorney’s office at this time).

    Menendez is another Democrat-Socialist politician who has made his fortune in gov’t through corruption, bribery & fraud. It’s not if, but when the evidence nails him. He needs to step down since he can’t be under constant investigation for years while purportedly effectively serving the people of NJ. He can’t be in 2 places at the same time.

  2. We all know Melendez is a sleazy, corrupt politician who had lined his pockets while pretending to be an advocate for the people.

    But he will never be investigated impartially. He’s become too powerful, too politically connected.

    The low information voters in NJ will continue to reelect the man until such time as he becomes as mentally unfit as Joe Biden.

    New Jerseyans get what they vote for.

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