New Jersey Air Quality Goes into an Alarming Tailspin

Those Canadians again.

Air quality in North and Central Jersey just nosedived, on account of Canadian wildfires pushing ash into the Northeastern United States.

If you have to be outside, this is a public service announcement.

Better yet, get inside.


Close the windows.

Have a mask handy.

It’s not good.

In parts of Central and North Jersey, a heavy smoke blanketed the sky, blotted the sun, darkened the streets and filled the lungs with an unsettling smell of smoke.

From a western civilization standpoint, it felt like Pompeii all over again.

New Jersey government and Governor Phil Murphy did not issue any public health warnings or statements.

New York took the lead:

“New Yorkers are being urged to remain indoors, conserve energy and limit outdoor fires because of the state’s worsening air quality.

“On Tuesday afternoon, officials warned that the dangerous conditions can result in shortness of breath and irritated eyes, and can even worsen asthma and heart disease in more severe cases. They began last week with wildfires in New Jersey and Canada and have worsened as the Canadian fires persist.

“It’s no secret that New York is facing extraordinary air quality conditions right now,” Basil Seggos, commissioner of the state Department of Environmental Conservation, said during a press conference on Tuesday. “Most New Yorkers – all New Yorkers – have seen the conditions out in the field today: The sky is hazy, visibility is terrible and you can smell the smoke in the air.”

More here:

“Millions of people in the eastern United States faced unhealthy air quality conditions on Tuesday, as smoke from wildfires in eastern Canada wafts over much of the country.

“An air quality advisory was in effect for several regions of New York state on Tuesday. Air monitoring stations on Tuesday afternoon in some parts of New York City showed measures considered unhealthy for anyone.

“It marked the second day of hazy skies across a wide swath of the country. Smoke blanketed the landscape from the Ohio Valley to as far south as the Carolinas on Monday. Air quality advisories were in effect Monday in southeastern Minnesota and parts of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, as well as in more than 60 counties in Wisconsin on Monday.”

And more here:

“A very dense area of smoke over upstate New York will soon sweep down across Northern New Jersey, New York City and southern New England.

“Large cities with the lowest air quality include New York City, Albany and Cincinnati, a map by AirNow, a website that publishes air quality data, shows.

“Another large and dense plume of smoke will be moving down across parts of the Northeast on Wednesday, delivering a one-two punch for some cities. That batch of very dense smoke will push down across the Northeast throughout the day on Wednesday, giving some relief to New England and the Midwest.”

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22 responses to “New Jersey Air Quality Goes into an Alarming Tailspin”

  1. No he is just trying to find out if the smoke is liberal or conservative before he claims it’s bad for us.

  2. Stop this insanity. Like it’s a major long term health matter. This will pass, and people should go about their normal life.

  3. We are getting a taste of what the West deals with far too often. There’s no one to blame but we must be careful for our health & safety.

  4. Are the birds affected with this air quality? I live in Sussex County and today Wednesday 6-7-23 there are no birds flying around. I hear no chirping either.

  5. Guess I need another coffee..just noticed the bad condition after priest mentioned bad conditions..guess it’s true, “the lord looks out for babies n fools”..have a good day..

  6. Probably they are flying high to avoid the smoke.. yes all animals will be affected like us, same happens in my neighborhood since yesterday afternoon,birds are flying out to clear areas.

  7. There are less trees now in general,and that is a factor.
    Trees exhale what we inhale,and CAN is generating
    smoke due to their fire.There but for The Grace of GOD
    go us…

  8. EveryONE please just say one short, sincere prayer that a big rain storm “turns off” that fire. Think of all the poor animals & birds in those awful flames….!!

  9. The governor calls a state of emergency when there is one snow flake This is a never experienced president. And wth is he saying about this

  10. I don’t know weather to wear a mask or breath the air. I don’t trust anyone in this world. The manufacturers making the mask or the government that’s declaring state emergencies. Lord your will be done I put my trust in you.

  11. I don’t know weather to wear a mask or breath the air. I don’t trust anyone in this world. The manufacturers making the mask or the government that’s declaring state emergencies. Lord your will be done I put my trust in you.

  12. Murphys an idiot, and Richard’s comment above… give me a cig, made my coffee fly out of me most! Lol. Thanks. Needed a good laugh during this tragedy… but all kidding aside. I think of the animals…. the thousands of animals that have been trapped! 😢😥🥺 this is truely tragic…. even if you are not a person who believes, it wouldn’t hurt to just make the sign of the cross and say a simple prayer for the tribes that have been surrounded by flame, and the animals that have and will continue to perish.

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