Newark Clerk Denies Certification of Former Mayor Sharpe James


Newark City Clerk Kenneth Louis this evening informed former Newark Mayor Sharpe James that James will not appear on the May 10th ballot as an at-large candidate for the city council.

In defiance of a court order preventing him from ever again holding public elected office, James, 86, sought and received petitions to run this year in the citywide election, but Louis challenged him.

“A question arose regarding your ability to hold office,” the clerk wrote in a letter dated today, May 3rd, to the former mayor, convicted in 2008 of fraud. According to the state Attorney General’s Division of Criminal Justice, James’ offenses involved dishonesty, equivalent to third degree crimes under New Jersey law.

The former mayor pushed back, noting his accomplishments in public office and a public statement at his trial by Judge William Martini, who told federal prosecutors he rejected their contention that aggravating factors merited a sentence of 15 to 20 years for James.

But Louis stood firm.

“I referred this matter to my elections attorney who provided me with a copy of the July 11th, 2008 court order by the Honorable Linda R. Feinberg of the Superior Court of New Jersey,” the clerk wrote in his letter to the former mayor. “Judge Feinberg made it clear in her order that you may not hold public office.”

James maintained that the order does not specify his ability to refrain from running for office, noting the difference between running and holding, and said a U.S. Supreme Court decision overrules Judge Feinberg.

Louis didn’t buy it.

Pursuant to Feinberg’s order, “and upon the advice of my elections attorney, I must declare your petitions to be defective and I will not certify you to be placed on the ballot for the Office of Council Member At-Large in the May 10, 2022 Newark Municipal Election,” the clerk wrote.

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12 responses to “Newark Clerk Denies Certification of Former Mayor Sharpe James”

  1. Everybody deserves a second chance ,The man payed his dues and did a lot more for the city of Newark, NJ than any other mayor. Let him in!

  2. How far we’ve fallen, Mr City Clerk as a City as a community. Contrary to you and the shady brigade occupying City Hall, I will be proudly writing Sharpe James’ name as my solitary vote on May 10th 2022. It’s time we brought decency, ethics, generational/multicultural activities and other unity reaffirming projects, programs and activities back to this city I love.

  3. Approved? By whom? I will write Sharpe James as my sole May 10, 2022 ballot as per my word. Your approval is neither required nor sought.

  4. I disagree with the Newark
    clerk’s denial for former Mayor Sharp
    James to run for office. Given the quality of character and competence of candidates and the current mayor it would be great for Newark the State and this nation to return Sharp to office despite his term in jail because he is informed, knowledgeable and a season professional. His sentencing had no bearing directly on residents of Newark. We need people in office who are there because they understand city management and politics not because of their need to be recognized

  5. Who’s running, who knows Newark, better than Sharpe James? My guess is no one. My Vote is for the man with sixteen years service as Mayor.

  6. Who’s running, who knows Newark better, than Sharpe James? Who has sixteen years experience in the Office of Mayor? Who took time to speak with me, The Hot-Dog Vendor, to get my response?

    Answer; the man I would vote, for City Council, Sharpe James.

    He’s still Sharpe

  7. He is a convicted felon and can not hold public office ever!!!
    He is a despot that used his position to buy land along 21 for nothing and turned around and sold it back at huge price through his girlfriend.
    It’s sickening how he abused his position against the citizens of Newark and yet the dumb ass people still support him!!

  8. Corey Booker told on Sharpe James and turned around and dud the exact same thing. I guess it should overlooked because wealthy people were sold parcels of the city versus people that live here. People like Ophrah Winfrey and her girlfriend Gail. Booker had a fall guy and ran to the senate before he could be prosecuted. Booker also caused the largest unemployment in the city’s history. You sound like up didn’t get a chance to make any money off the city of Newark. Not to mention the Busch’s,Reagan, Clinton tons and Trumps

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