NJ Building Trades Issue Their 2020 Endorsements

Mullen, right, with former Speaker Joe Roberts.

The NJ State Building & Construction Trades Council today announced its endorsements for the

Kennedy nabs the powerful labor organization’s backing in CD2.

November 2020 Congressional and U.S. Senatorial elections. Altogether, the union trades’ council endorsed a bipartisan slate in New Jersey’s 12 Congressional Districts and a special Senate and Assembly election. The Council, which represents more than 150,000 tradesmen from throughout the state, also endorsed incumbent U.S. Senator Cory Booker for re-election.

“We believe our endorsements are especially important this year given the extremely disruptive and partisan political environment dividing the parties and the nation as a whole,” said Council President William T. Mullen.

“This divide is making it virtually impossible to effectively deal with the very real problems confronting our nation, such as the need to grow the economy, revitalize our infrastructure, reform our immigration and trade policies, reshape our health care system, and reaffirm America’s position throughout the world.

“Our union construction trades believe the best way to approach these concerns, as well as the multiple work place issues that affect our members daily, is by encouraging a renewed spirit of bipartisan cooperation between the political parties and between elected officials and the public,” Mullen continued.

“Our council’s endorsement of both Democratic and Republican candidates recognizes our commitment to this broad, non-partisan approach to solving our nation’s economic needs. It also recognizes the commitments these particular candidates have made to protect prevailing wage laws, the use of Project Labor Agreements, and a host of other workers’ rights initiatives.”

Republican candidates were also endorsed in New Jersey’s Special Election in the 25th Legislative District Anthony M. Bucco for Senate and Aura K. Dunn for Assembly.

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