O’Donnell Campaign Releases First Digital Ad in Bayonne

BAYONNE – Team O’Donnell today released their first digital ad, “Fighter”.

The 60-second ad highlights Bayonne mayoral candidate Jason O’Donnell’s fight against former Governor Chris Christie on behalf of police, teachers, firefighters and the hard-working middle class.

“Jason fought Chris Christie in Trenton and he will fight for Bayonne taxpayers in City Hall.”

The digital ad can be found here: https://youtu.be/9h4lfn181zE

 Mayor Jimmy Davis Campaign Spokesman Phil Swibinski objected to the ad.

“It takes a lot of guts for someone who works for a lobbying firm that was paid $40 million in tax dollars to try and make Chris Christie look good call himself a ‘fighter’ against Christie,” Swibinski said. “Where was Jason O’Donnell’s opposition to Christie when the checks were flowing in from the state treasury? This is exactly the kind of disingenuous political rhetoric that will make Bayonne voters reject O’Donnell and re-elect Mayor Davis, because they know they can count on Mayor Davis to put their interests first.”

That set O’Donnell on edge.

“Hiding behind the lies of his mouth pieces and his Somerset County lawyer friend he put in charge of our city is just more of the same from Jimmy Davis,” said the challenger. “Not only won’t he debate in the three wards of our city, he won’t even get on the phone himself to lie directly to you. Start with the fact that I never even worked at a lobbying firm and go from there. No one fought harder against Chris Christie in his eight years as governor than I did. I was on the front lines fighting for women’s health care finding, middle class taxpayers and police, teachers and firefighters while Jimmy was still living in Rahway not even dreaming of  putting his name on a ballot.

“If Jimmy Davis has a claim he wants to make he should debate me in all three wards of our city and make it himself instead of hiding behind his out of town friends’ lies,” O’Donnell added. “We said from day one Jimmy would say or do anything to be Mayor, just like he did four years ago when he said he was against abatement. Here we are.”  



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