Oroho & Wirths Call for Comprehensive Plan for Federal Pandemic Relief Funds from Murphy Administration

Senator Steven Oroho and Assemblyman Hal Wirths, the Republican members of the Joint Budget Oversight Committee (JBOC), said they will not vote to approve an incomplete plan put forward by the Murphy administration for spending federal pandemic relief funds:

“Republicans have proposed a detailed plan to use billions of federal pandemic relief funds to support small businesses, prevent unnecessary tax increases on employers, fix broken computer systems at Unemployment and the MVC, help tenants and homeowners, and provide relief to property taxpayers.

“The Murphy administration, in contrast, has presented no comprehensive plan, no strategy, no process for selecting what gets funded, and no explanation for anything that was submitted to JBOC for approval. Some of what they proposed may be worthy, but it’s not clear based on the incomplete proposal we’ve been provided.

“Given these many concerns, we will not vote to approve the Murphy administration’s proposal and hope a more comprehensive plan would be forthcoming.”

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