Pallotta Leading McCann and Other Pandemic Election Observations

Republican Frank Pallotta filed his paperwork with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) to challenge Rep. Josh Gottheimer in NJ’s 5th congressional district.

There’s nothing like an election in a pandemic, is there?

Here it is Wednesday morning and some races have yet to be called. And it may not be because the races are all that close. It may be because it is taking so long to count ballots.

At last look a few minutes ago, there were no results from Bergen County on the clerk’s website. How could this be?  Common sense suggests at least partial results should be available.

A person answering a call at the clerk’s office this morning said they were working on the results.

That’s comforting, one supposes.

Still to be called is the race for the Republican nomination in CD-5 where Frank Pallotta is leading John McCann, who ran unsuccessfully two years ago.

Then, there’s the race for the GOP Senate nomination where Rik Mehta and Hirsh Singh are in a close race.

The governor has a scheduled pandemic briefing today at 1 p.m. You have to expect the primary to come up.

Clearly, the difficulty of tabulating results is something that has to be considered in regard to how the November election is conducted.

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