Pelosi Coming to NJ for Norcross Reelection Launch

New Jersey Democratic Convention, with Speaker Nancy Pelosi.
On February 29, 2020, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will travel to South Jersey to join Congressman Donald Norcross for a Campaign Kickoff with community and local progressive leaders at Camden County College in Blackwood. Congressman Norcross is a key member of Speaker Pelosi’s leadership team and is widely recognized for his leadership on job creation, raising the minimum wage and environmental issues. At the event, the officials will highlight the jobs, security and affordability initiatives the Congressman and Speaker are working on in Washington, DC.
During her visit to the Garden State, Speaker Pelosi will also join a fundraiser for Congressman Norcross who has built a broad coalition of support among faith leaders and organizations dedicated to working families and progressive values.
“I’m excited to join Congressman Donald Norcross in South Jersey to support his re-election to the House. He has been an important ally in the fight against President Trump’s special interest agenda and for common sense policies that benefit his constituents. Whether it’s growing jobs and wages, keeping families safe and secure, and fighting for affordable health care and higher education, Donald Norcross and I are working together to improve the lives of all Americans,” said Speaker Pelosi in announcing the visit.
“I’m proud to welcome the leader of the U.S. House of Representatives, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, to South Jersey. Speaker Pelosi and I share a commitment to providing jobs, security, and affordability for all Americans,” said Congressman Norcross. “In Washington, DC, we are working tirelessly to advance progressive values like lowering the cost of prescription drugs, expanding background checks to prevent gun violence, and combating climate change. I’m excited to highlight our shared efforts for the people of South Jersey as we welcome Speaker Pelosi to our community.”
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  • Doug Fowler

    Just another fellow traveler of Pelosi’s inner circle of commies.

  • Pyro

    Norcross is yet another crooked Dem, just like the Botox Queen . . . . .

  • Ron Hussey

    Lol, it will be’ a crowd of clueless morons for sure, not unlike Pelosi herself.

  • Rick Clifton

    She should make sure the bilingual signs are ready.

  • Mort

    After Trump and coconspiritor Pence are impeached and removed, it could be President Pelosi until the new Democratic President takes office on Jan. 20, 2021.

    Her handling of the avalanche of evidence against the corrupt administration was brilliant. The Tweeter-in-Chief is in deep doo-doo!

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