Point-Counterpoint: O’Scanlon Versus Holley

Holley, left, and O'Scanlan.

Proposed amendments to the vaccine bill have two Trenton lawmakers in rundown. First, we have printed Assemblyman Jamel Holley’s (D-20) objection to the amendments, followed by a rejoinder by the proponent of the amendments, state Senator Declan O’Scanlon (R-13).

Holley: O’Scanlon Amendments Suggest Segregation 

“This current legislative body is coming off the heels as the most accomplished legislature in history tackling social justice, inclusion and fairness.

“Senator O’Scanlon’s vaccine amendments cuts into the fiber of all we have accomplished. To suggest that we begin to segregate our students is an abomination of what every righteous leader should be standing up against.

“I’ve been totally against this bill from day one and now I am even more compelled to oppose. This includes bringing along my fellow Members of the Assembly to vote against this discriminatory, unconstitutional, and an over reach of government.

“With these new amendments, I can guarantee that a majority, if not all of the African American Members of the Assembly will not be voting in support of this bill that discriminates based on wealth, address and ability to afford private education.

“I’m working the phones and we have gained traction to defeat.

“I stand with parents and children that are fighting for their freedom and democratic rights. Period!!”


O’Scanlon: Government Should not Dictate to Private Businesses

“Assemblyman Holley is entitled to his position but I must correct any suggestion that it’s my intention to segregate anyone. My motivation for drawing the line of this mandate at public schools was inspired by two things. First, I simply don’t believe it should be up to government to dictate to private owners of businesses or instructions who they do business with or how they run their operations.

“Second, I was asked by a person who doesn’t believe in vaccinations to permit her, and others who share her beliefs, to create or take advantage of other, private options to provide daycare and schooling to their unvaccinated children.

“It’s that simple.  The original bill provided no such options. The only recourse would have been to forego daycare and to home school non-vaccinated children.

“Let’s be absolutely clear, the science is overwhelming, vaccines save lives.  Children’s lives.  As our solid, high levels of vaccination rates have fallen the occurrence of outbreaks of preventable, potentially life-altering or even deadly diseases has increased.  If Assemblyman Holley, or any other legislator, is successful in his effort to derail this bill he/they must accept responsibility for the results of their actions.

“It is not inconceivable that those results may include needless, preventable deaths of children.  And please don’t try to compare the infinitesimally smaller risk of vaccines to the dramatically greater risk of failure to maintain a high level of vaccination.

“Lastly, it isn’t just the optionally non-vaccinated that are at risk.  The elderly, the very young, the immunocomprosmised who can’t be vaccinated, the 1 in 10 children who are vaccinated who don’t develop immunity and wide swaths of the population whose immunity has lessoned over time. It will be these potentially permanently impacted lives that Assemblyman Holley will have to answer for.”

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  • KE

    Sadly misinformed you are, Sen. O’Scanlon. Hope your cell phone tower is worth ruining the lives of so many parents and children in NJ.

    • Meia

      According to the CDC the rates of vaccine compliance in the 60s, 70s, and 80’s was at best 80 percent for much fewer diseases and nobody was in fear of those children. Now we have rates of vaccine compliance at nearly 95%, and suddenly the unvaccinated are so dangerous we can’t have them in school. How about we also have separate drinking fountains so they don’t spread diseases… Sound familiar?

      • anonymous

        To maintain population immunity to common childhood illnesses a
        population does not have to exceed 50% vaXX rate. Herd immunity theory
        debunked….. “The values of R0 in cattle correspond to a minimum herd
        immunity requirement in cattle for eradication of between 33 and 78 per
        cent. The estimate of the herd immunity threshold of 33 per cent for
        lineage 2 was surprisingly low and greeted with scepticism. However,
        rinderpest was eradicated from the Somali ecosystem with herd immunity
        levels that probably never exceeded 50 per cent.” This article puts
        into question the herd immunity theory, mass va$$ efforts leading to
        other diseases and the cessation of V campaigns at some point. :https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3720037/

  • Kat

    O’Scanlon, if you really believe that what you are saying is true you have not yet watched “who is lying to you?” start at 35 min mark for the important bits. https://youtu.be/82KJGSLT2e4

  • RaviK

    The familiar narrative that vaccines are safe and effective, they save lives, lower vaccination rates are bringing back previously eradicated diseases and that we need everyone to be vaccinated to protect the herd are all completely contrary to the scientific and field evidence and is being repeated by those who are either told to say this or ignorant by choice based on just consensus and science like activities.
    The fact that legislators continue to repeat this nonsense tells me that they have not done the relevant research on the subject and the many I have spoken to personally and presented the real evidence have always been quite surprised at what they don’t know.
    So who exactly is behind this false misleading information and pushing to remove exemptions and medical freedom rights? One can only guess that they are those who stand to benefit financially from such mandates. In fact the recent Fortune article about projected vaccine profits from $46billion in 2018 to $93 billion in 2026 with over 50% of that market share in North America should make things quite clear what is going on in recent time all around this country. I never trust the government to do anything for the people and when they try to tell me they care for my kids more than I do, I definitely find that something I could not trust them with at all.

  • Angela Drucker

    O’Scanlon, show me the proof you so speak about? Every time I ask someone for their science that they have that shows how affective and safe these vaccines are all I ever hear are CRICKETS!
    You sound like a Rich White Racist the way you speak in this article. Only the poor spread disease according to you!
    And since we on private businesses us poor people go to stores where people are. We go to restaurants where vaccinated children are (because let’s face it no adult is getting immunized). You don’t think government should tell private owners what to do so why are our poor kids ONLY a threat in public schools but no where else? Please explain the logic to me….maybe I’m dumb?

  • Anna Lazos

    O’Scanlon, we will vote you out. Garbage can’t stay in the office because it stinks. I heard you were scared of a group of moms and kids on Friday. You are pathetic… If you were doing the right thing, you would not be scared. Our love to Jamel Holley.

  • Shiny Indigo

    If O’Scanlon really cared about public health risk to elderly, immunocompromised and very young, he’d go after the MUCH larger segment of the population that uses over-the-counter-medication dosing to hide that they are sick and infections so they can attend school/work and put the elderly, immunocompromised and very young at risk! He’d prohibit such dosing, he’d prohibit schools/employers penalizing people from staying home from school/work when ill. I’ve heard school nurses RANT LOUDLY at parents’ night because of all the sick kids sent in dosed with meds that have to be sent home hours later after they’ve exposed everyone, after those meds wear off. How many food service workers and health service workers are people exposed to on a daily basis? How many parents send their kids in sick, thinking it’s ok because even though they are showing symptoms for what they are vaccinated for, that can’t really be what they’re sick with because they’re vaccinated? I saw one mother do this – kid had whooping cough, parent says they’re vaccinated so it’s ok to send them in sick. A week later and the child is still coughing it up and now others are getting sick, especially those who sit with her on the bus (assigned seating), and the other moms begin harassing the other mom to take her kid to a doctor and keep her home. Guess what the doctor said? That kid had whooping cough, despite being vaccinated for it, and now so many other families – who had elderly, immunocompromised, very young, possibly – now had sick kids because of that! It wasn’t non-vaxxers that caused that mess! Making a law that allows rich folk to buy their way out and be priviledged to be allowed to practice their religious beliefs, while poorer folk are not allowed to practice their religious beliefs is ridiculous! Do rich people magically become less of a health risk because they wave money around like a talisman? Of course not! Which means that this isn’t about public health at all. It’s a sop to the (rich) masses that segregates based on wealth, race, religion. If you practice a religion the state does not approve of, you will not be allowed to practice your religion like those with state-approved beliefs are allowed to. That’s unconstitutional, that’s immoral and that’s disgusting. And we’re supposed to believe the timing of when this bill’s come up the past couple times is coincidence that it disrupted major Jewish/Christian Holy Days/Holidays? It’s bigoted is what it is!

  • Alienate

    O’Scanlon did all us “Anti-Vaxxers” a HUGE favor. His amendment caused the bill to FAIL! Without his carved out exemption for private schools, it would have passed.

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