Mays Landing, NJ—Mico Lucide, Democratic candidate for Atlantic County Clerk, today announced
a slate of endorsements at the state and local level, including Our Revolution New Jersey, former
Northfield City Councilwoman Susan Korgnut, 2018 Democratic Congressional Candidate Tanzie
Youngblood, 2019 General Assembly Candidate Wanye Lewis, and community activist Irvin Moreno.
“Mico has spent much of his life studying New Jersey’s government and politics. The corruption and
inequality he found gave him the drive to demand change and to bring people together to make it
happen,” shared Our Revolution New Jersey of their endorsement. “His campaign for county
clerk challenges not just New Jersey’s corrupt and unfair ballot structure, but also what we should
expect from our government.”

“Mico has the intelligence, passion, and common sense necessary to make the County Clerk’s Office
work for all residents of Atlantic County,” said Susan Korgnut. “People are hungry for the kind of
fresh, bold ideas and ethical leadership that he brings.”

“This is people power!” said Tanzie Youngblood. “Mico’s vision of voter empowerment is exactly
what the people of Atlantic County deserve. Real democracy in the hands of every voter, a ballot that
people know is fair, and a responsive government. Atlantic County has a great opportunity with him in
this race!”

“In the years I’ve known Mico, he has consistently proven himself a highly capable and principled
progressive Democrat,” said Wayne Lewis. “He will make an excellent county clerk for Atlantic
County and I proudly endorse his campaign.”

“While in college, Mico and I bonded over our passionate fight against injustices both locally and
across the nation,” said Irvin Moreno. “It’s time to remind South Jersey politicians that the
Constitution begins with “We the People.” I know that as Atlantic County Clerk, Mico will work to
safeguard that power and ensure it remains in the hands of the People.”

Lucide is a lifelong Atlantic County resident and IT professional who has championed progressive
values locally for the better part of a decade. Recognizing the county’s lack of civic engagement, he
decided to run for county clerk on a platform that prioritizes transparency, accessibility, and
accountability in government.

If elected, Lucide would increase outreach from the clerk’s office to communities with historically low
voter turnout. Minority communities often struggle to reach more than 30% turnout, with county
turnout rarely exceeding 45%, aside from the unique situation of 2020’s largely vote-by-mail election.
Lucide envisions this outreach in the form of presentations that detail everything from registering to
vote and how votes are counted, to running for office and interacting with local government.

Lucide would also endeavor to establish the clerk’s office as a central hub for information and
resources that empower residents to participate in their government and democracy. He believes
making government accessible to its constituents is the key to fostering civic understanding and
ultimately rebuilding civic trust. This would include aggregating more information on the county clerk’s
website and ensuring that information is easily understandable and accessible to all residents,
including non-English speakers.

Additionally, Lucide has taken a firm stand against the current “county line” ballot design that is
unique to New Jersey and enables a 35 percent advantage on average for candidates who are given
the Column A ballot position. Instead, Lucide promotes the “office bloc” ballot design — used by
nearly every other U.S. state — that organizes candidates grouped by office rather than bracketed
beneath slogans. Under NJ Title 19, county clerks have the authority to determine the official ballot
arrangement. Lucide would use this authority to provide voters with a fair and easy-to-read ballot that
gives all candidates an equal chance for election.

Lucide is holding his first campaign fundraiser Friday, February 26 at 7:00 p.m. hosted by Susan
Korgnut, and featuring local activists Irvin Moreno and Shane Winkler. The virtual fundraiser will also
include a Q&A with the candidate. More information about Lucide and his platform can be found at

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