20 Grassroots Groups Demand Removal of Oath Defying Problem Solvers Caucus Members Who Voted to Ignore Election Results

The topic of federal immigration policy came up at a town hall held this weekend by U.S. Rep. Josh Gottheimer, who was confronted about his role in coordinating Blue Dog Democrats to support the Senate appropriations bill, which gives billions to immigration and enforcement and does not provide humanitarian aid of the House bill.

20 Grassroots Groups Demand Removal of Oath Defying Problem Solvers Caucus Members Who Voted to Ignore Election Results

(GLEN ROCK) – 5th District grassroots groups supporting democracy called upon Rep. Josh Gottheimer to immediately remove from the Problem Solvers Caucus (PSC) the members of the group who abandoned their oath of office by failing to ratify the election for then President-elect Biden, and supported the “Great Lie” that the election was fraudulent.

Despite issuing a statement that “In the coming days, months, and years ahead, I will work to bring lawmakers from both parties together and commit to unity, civility, and a loyalty to truth, while fighting disinformation and rejecting bigotry,” PSC co-chair Rep. Gottheimer along with Rep. Tom Reed, admitted two new members to the PSC AFTER they voted to overthrow the election. The PSC advertises itself as a “bipartisan” caucus committed to unity and problem-solving across the aisle.  The citizen groups contend that the PSC cannot achieve that mission without immediately removing from the caucus the following six Republicans who objected to certification of electors for the Presidential election on January 6, 2021: Representatives Mike Bost, Bill Johnson, Dan Meuser, Lloyd Smucker, Tom Rice, and Ben Cline.

Per JOLT President Cathy Brienza, “this caucus agreed to vote as a block when three-quarters of their members agree on a position. You can easily see how this group can be weaponized to undermine Speaker Pelosi and Democratic efforts to censure and hold accountable seditious members of Congress. Concern also exists that this caucus seeks to claim power and act as a roadblock to the efforts of leadership when they deviate from the center-right. Quite in conflict with the Caucus’ stated purpose, the PSC may jeopardize President Biden’s ability to bring about unity and restore faith in this government.”

In a letter delivered to Gottheimer’s office, the groups recognize Gottheimer’s statement of January 19th that “It is more important than ever for the United States to honor the peaceful transition of power that is at the very heart of our democracy, and what makes us the greatest country in the world.” Yet, they call him out for hypocritically embracing people who refused to honor their oaths of office and support the peaceful transition of power, even after the “heinous acts of violence” at the Capitol Riots. The groups contend that by accepting and retaining these members, the Problem Solvers Caucus is jeopardizing Democracy itself.

Groups demanding the expulsion from the PSC of these anti-democratic members are: JOLT USA, Action Together NJ (ATNJ), Women for Progress, Indivisible NJ5, Ramsey Democratic Municipal Committee, Waldwick Democratic Committee, District 5 Coalition for Change, NJ 11th for Change, SOMA Action, Glen Rock After the March, Ramsey PINS, Highlands Resistance,Teaneck Women Together, Waldwick Progressives, Mahwah After the March, Women of Action, and others.

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