Over $950 million in savings – Education Savings Accounts – New Jersey

Ed Choice, a leading education policy group based in Indiana, has just released a terrific study that finds over $950 million in savings in New Jersey government K-12 education spending and a win/win for taxpayers and parents.

If just ten percent of New Jersey K-12 students in district schools opted to use supplemental Education Savings Accounts (ESAs) to enroll in private, online, micro schools or pods, savings to the State would exceed $100 million. Local School Districts would save more than $850 million. A combined per student savings to taxpayers of over $6,500 per student per year!

For example–Woodbridge Township District Schools would save $8.4 million, Toms River: $13.5 million, Parsippany-Troy Hills $9.7 million, Bridgewater-Raritan $10.7 million, Ridgewood, $7.4 million, East Brunswick $8.7 million!

These are real savings that are much needed, especially now, with the huge challenges facing our public schools! And ESAs provide what many parents desperately want–funds to take advantage of expanding instructional options outside local districts, from one-on-one tutoring, to online classes, pods and micro-schools in addition to (or instead of) private school tuition.

ESAs work well for taxpayers and parents in many states across the US, but so far have been “off the table” in New Jersey.

We at E3–New Jersey’s voice for school choice and education reform and fairness– have helped make this study possible and believe New Jersey parents and taxpayers need ESAs.

For the full report visit: https://nje3.info/education-savings-account-nj-fiscal-analysis/

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