Antoine Condemns Roselle Endorsement Process


Archange Antoine, who is running for Mayor of Roselle this November, has been highly critical of the Democratic Party endorsement process.

The local democratic committee has already been court-ordered to re-vote the endorsement after a judge ruled the initial vote violated several statutory regulations in the voting process. Archange, however, says the main issue is not with how the vote was conducted, but the fact that the committee is disenfranchising thousands of Roselle voters from picking the candidate of their choice to represent them in November.

“I respect Judge Cassidy’s findings, but 15 people should not select Roselle’s Mayoral Democratic Nominee. Instead, the community, through a Democratic primary, should choose the nominee to represent 20,000 Roselle residents” said Archange Antoine.

Typically, there is a primary election to determine who wins the party nomination in the general election. Antoine, a Democrat who is running against two other candidates, alleges this behind-closed-doors process is undemocratic and robs the voters of their ability to vote for the candidate best suited to represent their party in November.

Archange Antoine further said “The same people claiming to represent the people continue to forget about them as soon as the doors close. I have a track record of standing with the people in public and private. I’m running for Mayor to represent working families, our children, and prepare this community for challenging economic times.”

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