Applefield Stresses “Voting for Good Apples” in NJ4 Hotly Contested Primary

Applefield Stresses “Voting for Good Apples” in NJ4 Hotly Contested Primary

What’s at stake in this Election: Your Money and Your Health

Red Bank David Applefield, candidate for Congress in NJ4 released an 11th hour video appeal to voters today, picturing himself selling apples for 5 cents.

Using Depression era photos of unemployed workers behind 5-cent apple stands, the 64-year-old journalist and book publisher dramatizes the present and future plight of countless Americans furloughed or dismissed from jobs that aren’t likely to come back.

Drawing upon 1930s statistics, Applefield’s video paints a grim reality of a past in which U.S. family income dropped 40%, one out of four people lost their homes, soup kitchens fed much of America, and parents sold apples for five cents on city sidewalks. “There’s never been a time in your life or mine when trust is more important,” states Applefield, calling for support for “community leaders who will work harder to open jobs to more people, while protecting our health care, environment, and making a better education possible for every child.”

Running a campaign that debunks the party establishment, Applefield’s ideas include ideas for building the local economy and supporting local businesses.

At the close of his video, a little girl comes up and offers to buy one of his apples for a nickel. Applefield gives her one, plus an extra for her brother.

She thanks him, calling him “Mr. Applesauce.” Applefield, a resident of Red Bank, was born in Elizabeth, grew up in Newark, New Providence, and Livingston.
A graduate of Amherst College and Northeastern, Applefield worked at the Financial Times and UNESCO, and taught at the American University of Paris.

He is married with three grown children.

View the Applefield clip here:

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