Assemblywoman Angela McKnight Kicks Off Financial Literacy Lessons at Middle School

Assemblywoman Angela McKnight Kicks Off Financial Literacy Lessons at Middle School


(September 9, 2019) Jersey City, NJ— This 2019-2020 school year marks the first time that it is required by law for New Jersey middle school students in 6th through 8th grade to be taught financial literacy in the classroom. Assemblywoman Angela McKnight (D-Hudson), a prime sponsor of the bill, along with Lt. Governor Sheila Oliver held the bill signing at President Barack Obama School in Jersey City in January. Assemblywoman McKnight returned on Friday to kick off the new era of learning with the students.  As per the law, the financial literacy lessons “must emphasize budgeting, saving, credit, debt, insurance, investment and other issues associated with personal financial responsibility.”

Students waved pompoms and cheered for savings. “When I say ‘save,’ you say ‘money,’ shouted Assemblywoman McKnight to a packed auditorium of students. The pep rally got students ready for the newly required curriculum by getting them to think about how they save and spend currently.

“I wasn’t taught financial literacy when I was growing up,” Assemblywoman McKnight told the crowd. “You have the opportunity to not be in debt and to save and to budget for what you want and need,” she explained. Some students shared the stage with the Assemblywoman and shared personal stories of saving for a cell phone or to buy their parents a gift.

“I fought hard for this law and I want to make sure the students are excited about learning financial literacy,” says Assemblywoman McKnight who was graciously hosted by President Barack Obama School Principal Shante Jones and other staff members.  

For more information on the law, visit: A1414 2R

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