Bayonne- Christopher Munoz for Assembly

Bayonne- Christopher Munoz for Assembly

Christopher Munoz, candidate for Assembly in the 31st legislative district in the state of New Jersey, releases campaign commercial entitled “Failing New Jersey”; highlighting Assemblyman Chiaravalloti’s record on education funding and property tax increases.

While Governor Christie and the state legislature have failed to fully fund the education formula, Bayonne property taxes continue to rise. According to the Education Law Center, local tax levies have risen nearly 21%. This year, cumulative underfunding at the state level has topped eight billion dollars. At the same time, Bayonne homeowners have seen combined property tax increases of 10% annually for the past 2 years.

“My opponent’s failed campaign promise to bring back additional funding to our school districts while in the state legislature, has allowed our governor to abandon his obligation to fully fund the education formula thus placing a greater financial burden on local taxpayers. This is unacceptable, inexcusable, and irresponsible.”

Munoz further states , “As a parent of two children, who attend Bayonne public schools, I am committed to protecting public education.”

“As a public school teacher and an elected school board trustee, I have seen the devastating effects underfunding has on our district and our community.”

“As a Bayonne homeowner, my wife and I are all too familiar with property taxes that feel like a second mortgage. If elected, I will fight to make sure the state is paying its fair share, protect education dollars, and give local property owners some much needed relief.”

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