Becchi’s Campaign Legal Team Sends Letter to Boards of Elections Seeking Clarity About the Security and Integrity of the Vote-by-Mail Process in New Jersey


Becchi’s Campaign Legal Team Sends Letter to Boards of Elections Seeking Clarity About the Security and Integrity of the Vote-by-Mail Process in New Jersey

Cites Great Uncertainties with the Election Looming

For Immediate Release

PARSIPPANY, NJ: The Law Firm of Ertman Dulis & Helisek PLLC sent letters to the Boards of Elections in Passaic, Sussex, Essex and Morris Counties today asking specific questions about voting practices, procedures and security on behalf of Rosemary Becchi, candidate for Congress in New Jersey’s 11th District.

“Clearly many New Jerseyans are concerned about the process and the motivation behind this mail-in voting process this year- as is evidenced by two separate lawsuits that have been filed to date” explained Rosemary Becchi. “It’s my job to give a voice- and a megaphone- to voters who are feeling disenfranchised right now. I urge those who feel most frustrated to fill in their ballots and vote for candidates who will advocate for you in New Jersey and in Washington. I promise to fight for those who feel frustrated and unheard right now.”

Attorney John C. Ertman, who signed the letter sent on behalf of the campaign, reinforced Becchi’s message. “Everyone agrees that the accuracy and the integrity of the election needs to be rigorously safeguarded, and that there ought to be a maximum transparency as to protections the Boards (of Elections) intend to use to make sure all votes are properly counted.” Ertman’s letter includes 12 questions about the process, safety and security of the voting process that was mandated by Governor Murphy on August 14, 2020. The questions include clarification on the security of the drop boxes, the process for transportation and storage of ballots, the remedy for multiple ballot issues, and the process of signature verification. The full letter is attached for reference.

Separately, the Becchi Campaign applauded the lawsuit that was filed last week by the Monmouth County Republican Committee against Tahesha Way, in her official capacity as Secretary of State of New Jersey. The complaint alleges that the absence of rules around the voting procedures “creates a scenario where chaos will abound, inconsistent procedures may be employed at different polling locations and where no person or entity will be held responsible if lawful votes are rejected or illegal votes are received.”

However, Rosemary Becchi is urging voters to mail in their ballots while she fights to make sure every vote counts and that the process is fair, legal and representative of all voters in New Jersey. “While this Mail-in Ballot process may seem cumbersome, unfair or unnecessary, we need to vote in the only way possible for this election and that is the mail-in ballot.”

The Becchi campaign has set up an email account to receive information from voters who are receiving multiple ballots and those who are aware of questionable voting practices. The email is:

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