Ciattarelli Opposes Proposed Toll Hikes


“A plan to increase tolls by an untold amount on the Garden State Parkway and the New Jersey Turnpike was quietly unveiled today at a Turnpike Commission meeting while Governor Murphy was giving his State Budget address.” Gubernatorial Candidate Jack Ciattarelli explained.

“This smacks of backroom deal-making. It will end when I am Governor.” said Ciattarelli, 58, a Hillsborough resident. “If Governor Murphy wants to raise tolls on the most over-taxed people in the nation, then he should make the case in an open, honest, and transparent way. Burying news of the toll hike while giving a budget address that calls for higher taxes is political choreography at its worst and a new low for an administration adverse to transparency.”

Ciattarelli continued: “This is exactly the kind of typical Jersey government that people can’t stand, making it only harder to accomplish the greater good. I don’t support toll hikes, not ones agreed on behind closed doors and especially not ones along corridors that carry significant local traffic, as the Parkway does.  If the Governor want tolls hikes, deliver on some real reforms and tax decreases first.”

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