Congressmen Kim Introduces Bill to Protect Access to Vote, Honor Local Suffragist Alice D. Paul

In a fundraising missive sent out this afternoon, Rep. Andy Kim described anonymous phone calls that were made to voters in NJ's Third Congressional District aimed at casting doubt on Kim's trustworthiness ahead of the 2020 election.

Congressmen Kim Introduces Bill to Protect Access to Vote, Honor Local Suffragist


WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Congressman Andy Kim (NJ-03) announced the introduction of H.R. 1451, the Alice Paul Voter Protection Act, which will protect a citizen’s access to vote by prohibiting the interference of voter registration efforts.


“Thanks to Alice Paul, New Jersey has a strong history of leadership in expanding and protecting the right to vote,” said Congressman Kim. “It’s up to us to honor that legacy and make sure that every American has a chance to exercise their right to vote. The first step towards exercising that right is registering. By ensuring that citizens can register unimpeded, we can truly strengthen our democracy and make sure every voice is heard.”


The Alice Paul Voter Protection Act protects voter registration efforts by making it unlawful for any person to hinder or prevent another person from registering or aiding another person in registering to vote. The legislation also encourages the establishment of best practices to ensure that states protect these critical rights.


A native of New Jersey’s 3rd Congressional District, Paul was a member of the National American Women’s Suffrage Association (NAWSA), where she led its Congressional Committee which worked for a federal suffrage amendment. She was imprisoned for her efforts and forced to endure torturous conditions. News of her imprisonment and torture helped to shift public opinion on expanding the right to vote and was a critical turning point in the eventual passage of the 19th Amendment.


Paul’s legacy is enshrined at the Alice Paul Institute, which is located in Mount Laurel, New Jersey.





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