Corrado Denounces Vote-By-Mail Decision for November Election

Corrado Denounces Vote-By-Mail Decision for November Election

Senator Kristin Corrado reacted to Governor Murphy’s announcement that the general election in November will be done by mail, calling it an unnecessary over-reaction and an affront to hard-earned voting guarantees.

“In his briefing today, Murphy said ‘you can walk into the polling site and give your ballot to a board worker’ but you can’t cast your vote in the machine as usual. That makes absolutely no sense,” said Corrado. “If New Jersey residents can stand in long lines at Motor Vehicles, we should be able to wait six-feet apart at the polls in November. The reality is most people don’t have to stand around too long waiting to vote. Many are in and out of polling centers in a matter of minutes.

“Dr. Fauci has said there is no reason people can’t vote in person as long as they wear masks and follow social distancing guidelines,” Corrado continued.

Murphy’s plan calls for an election process similar to the mail-in primary held in June.

“It’s troubling that the pandemic is being used as an easy justification for stripping away our precious freedoms. This is just one more example,” Corrado said.

“Instead of going to the polls, New Jerseyans will be going to the mailbox to drop their votes. It’s not exactly what the great men and women who fought for our right to vote envisioned. Murphy, once again, is treading on the rights and interests of residents,” said Corrado.

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