Crispi Praises Blasi for Selflessness in Withdrawal


Crispi Praises Blasi for Selflessness in Withdrawal


Seaside Park, NJ – America First Republican Mike Crispi today lauded his fellow America First patriot Mike Blasi for his principled decision to withdraw from the congressional race.


“Mike Blasi is an American patriot who has repeatedly served his country – first in the United States Army, later as a law enforcement officer, and more recently in the political field where he has been a forceful leader for medical freedom, parental rights, the Second Amendment, and limited government,” Crispi said.


Blasi, who had been a candidate for Congress in the Fourth Congressional District, said today he would suspend his campaign in the shared interest of defeating 42-year incumbent and RINO Chris Smith.


“I’m truly grateful for Mike’s decision today,” Crispi said.  “Conservatives and America First Republicans can now unite to defeat Smith and bring bold leadership to Congress.”


Crispi reiterated Smith’s failures and betrayals — most notably his vote in support of President Biden’s fake infrastructure bill which led President Trump to call for Smith’s defeat in the Republican primary.


“Congressman Smith has betrayed conservatives in every way possible,” Crispi said.  “Whether by opposing the Second Amendment, funding a federal vaccine database, voting for critical race theory, opposing President Trumps’s border wall, supporting amnesty, or taking money from pharmaceutical companies which perform grotesque research on aborted infants born alive, Smith has shown his true colors over the last 40 years.


“This is now a head-to-head matchup; Congressman Smith’s worst nightmare.  America First Republicans in Column A will defeat the RINO Regular Republicans in Column B.  I will work hard to earn the support of all who helped Mike Blasi and become their authentic, America First voice in Congress.”

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