Dnistrian Announces Support for $4 Billion Property Relief Package

Dnistrian Announces Support for $4 Billion Property Relief Package

Slams Gopal & Democrats’ Scheme as “Selective” and Unfair


COLTS NECK, N.J., May 31st – Today, businessman Steve Dnistrian, Candidate for State Senate in New Jersey’s 11th Legislative District, released the following response in support of the Senate GOP’s $4.32 Billion “Give it Back” property tax relief proposal:

“By unlocking the billions of dollars of unallocated debt relief funds that Governor Murphy refuses to use, New Jersey will finally get meaningful property tax relief that it deserves under the Republicans’ ‘Give it Back’ plan,” said Dnistrian.

He continued, “The Republican proposal offers a fair and transparent solution to distribute property tax relief funds. By allocating funds on a per capita basis, every municipality in the state will receive an equal share, ensuring that no community is left behind.”

Under the bill, $3 billion would be allocated to each municipality on an equal per capita basis wherein each municipality receives the same dollar amount per resident. Similarly, the remaining $1.32 billion would be allocated to each county on an equal per capita basis. The allocations to towns and counties would average more than $100 million per legislative district and is the equivalent of approximately $1,250 per New Jersey family.

Dnistrian concluded, “This approach stands in stark contrast to the back-room dealings of Senate Democrats, including Vin Gopal, during which funds were distributed selectively, leaving many towns and counties without essential support. With a Senate majority in Trenton, we can offer New Jerseyans and LD11 residents real relief from Murphy & Gopal’s unaffordable agenda and reckless spending.”

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Steve Dnistrian is the Republican Candidate for State Senate in Legislative District 11. Marilyn Piperno and Kim Eulner are Republican representatives for Legislative District 11 in the General Assembly. The election takes place this November.  For more information, visit www.SteveforNJ.com, on Facebook at STEVE for NJ State Senate LD-11 and www.SteveMarilynKimforNJ11.com

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