Doherty to Governor: Reverse HCQ Restrictions on Doctors

NJ State Senator Mike Doherty says that President Donald Trump made a good decision to call off an air strike on Iran.

Doherty to Governor: Reverse HCQ Restrictions on Doctors

As the coronavirus continues taking a devastating toll on New Jersey, Senator Michael Doherty called for the Murphy Administration to stop limiting doctors to using hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) only on patients who have tested positive for COVID-19.

“To save lives now, the Governor must immediately reverse the state’s position restricting the drug’s use to patients who have tested positive,” said Doherty. “New Jersey’s inaction is costing lives and contributing to the overcrowding in our hospitals.

“When patients are presenting all the virus symptoms, doctors should be able to prescribe the best weapons at their disposal. It is indefensible for the State to withhold medication and wait days or weeks for a positive test to come back.”

Doherty noted it can be extremely difficult for people to get tested, and long delays waiting for results are common.

“Physicians are trained to diagnose and treat the sick,” said Doherty. “Trenton should stop playing doctor and let the medical people do their jobs to save lives and heal patients. Sick people can’t afford to wait weeks for treatment.”

Click here for information about testing on the State’s COVID-19 Information Hub.

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