Governor Chris Christie Files Nominations

Governor Chris Christie Files Nominations

Trenton, NJ – Governor Chris Christie filed the following nominations with the Secretary of State’s Office.




Nominate for reappointment The Honorable Angela Borkowski (Annandale, Hunterdon)

Nominate for reappointment The Honorable Linda Grasso Jones (Tinton Falls, Monmouth)



Nominate for appointment Andrew Baron (Scotch Plains, Union)

Nominate for appointment Ernest Michael Bongiovanni (Wall, Monmouth)


workers’ compensation

Nominate for appointment R. Louis Gallagher, II (Florence, Burlington)




Nominate for appointment Jeffrey H. Sutherland (Ocean City, Cape May)



warren county board of taxation

Public Member

Nominate for reappointment William T. Watras, SRA (Oxford, Warren)


new jersey institute of technology university board of trustees

Public Member

Nominate for appointment Diane Montalto (Woodcliff Lake, Bergen) 


port authority of new york and new jersey

Port District Member

Nominate for appointment Kevin P. McCabe (Woodbridge, Middlesex)


Hunterdon county board of Taxation

Public Member

Nominate for appointment The Honorable Robert Garrenger (Lambertville, Hunterdon)


delaware River port authority

Public Member

Nominate for appointment The Honorable Mary Ann Wardlow (Lawnside, Camden)


fish and game council

Sportsman (Southern Representatibve)

Nominate for appointment Kenneth Whildin (Delmont, Cumberland)


Sportsman (Central Representative)

Nominate for appointment Loren P. Robinson (Flemington, Hunterdon)


rutgers university board of trustees

Public Members

Nominate for reappointment Dominick J. Burzichelli (Greenwich, Gloucester)

Nominate for appointment Michael DuHaime (Westfield, Union)



Subdistrict 1/ Public Member

Nominate for reappointment Reverend Carl E. Styles (Bridgeton, Cumberland)


Subdistrict 2/ Public Member

Nominate for reappointment Chad Michael Bruner (Sewell, Gloucester)


Subdistrict 2/ Public Member

Nominate for reappointment Joseph A. Maressa, Jr., Esq. (Waterford, Camden)


Subdistrict 2/ Public Member

Nominate for reappointment Sheila Lynn Roberts (Camden, Camden)


Subdistrict 3/ Public Member

Nominate for reappointment Eric E. Martins, Esq. (Hamilton, Mercer)


delaware river and bay authority

Public Members

Nominate for reappointment Shirley Wilson (Upper Township, Cape May)

Nominate for reappointment James N. Hogan (Franklinville, Gloucester)

Nominate for reappointment Ceil Smith (Salem, Salem)

Nominate for appointment Sheila McCann (Bridgeton, Cumberland)

Nominate for appointment M. Earl Ransome, PE (Pedricktown, Salem)



Public Members

Nominate for reappointment Barbara Holcomb (Sicklerville, Camden)

Nominate for appointment William Wilhelm (Voorhees, Camden)

Nominate for reappointment Kelly A. Hanson, R.N. (Cherry Hill, Camden)

Nominate for reappointment Donald Reich (Sicklerville, Camden)

Nominate for reappointment Melissa Pollitt (Collingswood, Camden)


State Board of professional engineers and land surveyors


Nominate for appointment The Honorable Gary Paparozzi (Lodi, Bergen)



Licensed Tree Expert

Nominate for appointment Pamela Zipse (Southampton, Burlington)



Public Member

Nominate for appointment The Honorable Adrian O. Mapp (Plainfield, Union)




Governor Christie: The President has made this a priority but would not have happened without Seema deciding to step up and really push the folks at CMS to get this waiver done. New Jersey is one of the first states to get it. I can promise her we will utilize it, and we’ll utilize it in a way that’s responsible, making sure that organizations that are funded are effective, holding them accountable for the results that they produce for their clients and also for the taxpayers, both at the federal and state level who are helping to fund this treatment. I think if we do that together in a way that insures accountability and better results that people will look back on her decision to grant this waiver is one that saved lives in the state. I can’t thank Administrator Verma enough for her partnership with us on this issue, and her leadership in the federal government on bringing innovation and new ideas to dealing with the epidemic that we’re going through across this country that last year cost us 64,000 American lives. So, Administrator Verma, welcome to New Jersey, thank you.


Administrator Seema Verma: Thank you, good morning, and thank you to Governor Christie for hosting today. I appreciate just the tour and everything, so thank you. I think every day we’re hearing about the opioid epidemic, people dying, how much money it’s costing the system. I’m actually a mother of two kids and this is a personal issue for me. My daughter is a senior in high school now but when she was in eighth grade, we attended a funeral for a classmate in her class, it was her older brother. And I will never forget that funeral. Listening to a 13-year-old girl talk about her brother and how angry she was at her brother for getting involved in drugs and the pain that she showed in terms of the devastation that she will never see her brother again. And that is something that has always stayed with me. As a mom there are many things you’re concerned about. You know, there’s broken bones and grades and all kinds of things. But this is something that really concerns me as a parent. And this is actually going to increase treatment, not only in New Jersey but hopefully the rest of the nation. It’s actually going to allow people that are on Medicaid to access new treatment services, and we hope that facilities will actually build more services and increase their beds available for folks on Medicaid. Again, it’s a pleasure to be here today. I really appreciate the hospitality from the folks at New Jersey and again, just can’t say enough about the Governor’s leadership on this issue, and you know, again, we met with a lot of folks today that are dealing with addiction and there’s just a lot of great role models here. So appreciate everybody’s work on the front lines.

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