Grayzel wins endorsement of Morris Township Democrats in Bid for NJ State Senate

Grayzel wins endorsement of Morris Township Democrats in Bid for NJ State Senate

The Morris Township Democratic Committee (MTDC) approved a formal resolution to endorse Jeff Grayzel in his bid for NJ State Senate in LD25 at their February 25th monthly committee meeting.

Grayzel served as mayor of Morris Township in 2019 and is currently serving his third term on the Township governing body, The Morris Township Committee. He has also been a long-time active member of the Morris Township Democrats.

George Quillan, chair of the Morris Township Democrats, enthusiastically supports Grayzel’s bid for the State Senate seat.

“Jeff has earned the respect of the residents of Morris Township and has thus earned the support of our Democratic committee,” Quillan said. “While each county committee representative may choose whom they individually support, I am confident that nearly all members will be supporting Jeff.”

Former chair of the Morris Township Democratic Committee Noel Robinson also endorses Grayzel for State Senate.

According to Robinson, “Jeff has worked tirelessly for the Democratic party helping turn Morris Township from red to blue. I have no doubt he will work even harder to turn LD25 blue too. During his terms on our Township Committee and especially during his tenure as mayor, he has achieved much for the good of all our residents.”

Grayzel appreciates the endorsement of the Morris Township Democratic Committee. “I am honored to get this endorsement from the people that have helped propel me and Cathy Wilson to be the first Democratic Mayor and first female Democratic Mayor of Morris Township,” he said. “I am grateful to have the ongoing support of my fellow Morris Township residents, and I look forward to meeting and earning the support of Democrats throughout the district as I build a successful LD25 State Senate campaign.”

The Morris County Democratic Committee’s nominating convention will take place on March 15 in Parsippany.

Jeff Grayzel is now serving his third term on the Morris Township Committee. In 2019 he became the first Democratic Mayor of Morris Township after winning the 2018 election by almost 1,500 votes – and a margin of victory of 16 points. He is the only Democrat ever to be elected to a second term, and now a third term in Morris Township.

Among his accomplishments as mayor were maintaining a flat tax rate in Morris Township, engaging residents through better communication, improving infrastructure by extending municipal sewer services, and emphasizing shared services initiatives to help save taxpayer dollars.

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